Service Status

Please note that our offices remain closed to the general public. If you are homeless tonight, you can come to the Civic Centre or Bognor Regis Town Hall for assistance.

Housing and Local Land Charge customers can enter by appointment only.

Please visit or call 01903 737500 for assistance with enquiries that would that would usually be dealt with here.

For all other services please refer to the list below


Service Status



Further Details                                                                       

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour Caseworkers are available for contact via telephone or email; however, they are unable to undertake any home or site visits due to the Government’s Covid-19 restrictions.



Call us: 0808 141 2800 (24hour answerphone)

See website for more details:
Assets of Community Value Service continuing as normal See website for more info:


Updated information on Government new emergency measures to financially assist people whose employment has been affected due to Coronavirus

See website for more info:


Please do not burn garden waste, paper waste or any other waste under any circumstances. Smoke and smells from bonfires can aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and COPD and affect those with heart complaints, causing breathing difficulties to those most vulnerable to Coronavirus.

BBQ’s are acceptable at this time but please carefully consider the location of the BBQ and the wind direction so that you can ensure the smoke is not affecting a neighbour.

See website for more info:

Building Control 

The online Plan Checking service for new Building Regulation applications is operating normally.

Site Inspections of external and internal building works are operating normally.

See website for more info:

Call us on: 01903 737756, Email us at: 

Business & Regeneration

We are providing a normal service using email & phone contact. The service is currently focusing on providing COVID-19 business support advice to businesses. See website for more info:
Camping and Caravan Sites Service currently prioritised for matters representing serious public health or safety risk.
Car Parks

Enforcement for all parking, both on street and off street will continue during the current lockdown period.

See website for more info:

Email us at:

Call us on: 01903 737655

For Bognor Regis Residents' Permits please call 01903 737655 to pay for all Bognor Regis CPZ  permits, Resident, Healthcare and Non- Resident either new or renewal, you will then receive an email with your new permit number although we are currently unable to print and post the hard copy permit

Cemeteries Service


Cemeteries are open, burials are taking place 5 days a week.

Mourners are asked to maintain social distancing, limit attendees to close family only and to leave the Cemetery as soon as possible following committal to allow our teams to undertake their duties safely. Those who have symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19 must not attend and must stay at home. 

The Littlehampton Cemetery Chapel is now available for bookings. Bognor Regis Town Cemetery Chapel is closed.

The following advice is designed to assist people who are involved in managing or organising a funeral related to a death from any cause during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’

See website for more info:

Tel: 01903 737954

Email us at:

The Council’s cemeteries remain open at this time and Littlehampton Cemetery Chapel is available for bookings, please observe social distancing at all times. The following guidance is applicable; 

Chapel Notice.pdf [pdf] 41KB
Funeral Guidelines.pdf [pdf] 153KB

Community Safety  Service continuing as normal, although officers are working remotely and unable to attend face to face meetings.


See website for more details:

For details about domestic abuse support:

(quick exit available)

Complaints about a Council service

Enquiries should be made using the e.form available from the Council’s website, by email or telephone only

There may be some delay in responding or a change to our usual deadlines which we will advise you of as necessary

Please consider if your complaint is urgent at this present time in the wider public interest so we can protect our officers and continue to enable them to deliver vital frontline services. When normal services resume, we will take into account any delays when considering whether or not complaints have been brought to us within normal time periods specified

Email us at:

See website for more info:

Call us on: 01903 737500
Contaminated land Service continuing as normal.
Please use our online service in the first instance:
Data Protection

Enquiries should be made using the e.form available from the Council’s website, by email or telephone only

There may be some delay to responses which we will advise you of where necessary

Email us at:

See website for more info:

Call us on: 01903 737402

Call us on: 01903 737857
Dogs (stray) Service 

We are currently running a normal service


See website for more info:

Call us on: 01903 737755
Electoral Registration & Elections 

As per the Coronavirus Bill recently agreed in Parliament the Police and Crime Commissioner elections to be held on Thursday 7 May 2020 have now been postponed until Thursday 6 May 2021. This also applies to any planned local elections, by-elections and neighbourhood plan referendums due to take place before this date.

Online registration continues as normal and is processed on a daily basis, but timescales may be increased due to the increased number of e-mails being received.

Email us at:

See website for more info:

Engineering Services

The Engineering Services team is currently running at reduced capacity with all officers mostly working from home.

The following may help:

  • Site visits / fieldwork are continuing providing they can be undertaken in a COVID-secure manner
  • Face to face meetings are occurring but only if essential and it is not possible to conduct business ‘virtually’. Strict social distancing applies.
  • If work indoors is necessary (not desirable): pre-visit checks necessary, to ensure those with positive test result, symptoms, self-isolating or Clinically Extremely Vulnerable are not involved. Full Risk Assessments and Method Statement to be complied with.
  • Children’s outside play areas are open and safety inspections continuing where/when social distancing allows
  • Beach inspections, monitoring and maintenance  – as normal. 
  • Ordinary Watercourse Consents are being actioned, please contact us for further information but the timescales will be extended somewhat.
  • Watercourse issues: please email with details
  • Structural Calc checking (for Building Control) proceeding as normal.

The safety of staff and the public is paramount.

If you have any queries, please contact us by e-mail at

Please bear with us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Environmental Protection including pollution, noise/nuisance, pests

Investigations prioritised for serious/widespread nuisance issues. 
Limitations on face to face contact and noise monitoring. 

Please use our online service in the first instance:

We are no longer supporting any new or additional event applications. We will continue to review this situation in line with government guidance.


For further information please refer to: 

Food safety issues and advice

Prioritising investigation of matters of significant public health risk. Urgent work will be actioned, including food incidents, outbreaks of food poisoning or infectious disease, and intelligence received regarding potential public health risks.
Planned food inspections (including new businesses) prioritised for high-risk businesses and those with outstanding concerns.
Service as normal for Approved Premises (including new applications) 
Food businesses should notify us if they are changing their activities. 

Please use our online service in the first instance:


The Beach Patrol team are on duty daily in Littlehampton and Bognor Regis between 10am and 6pm until September.

The RNLI also provide lifeguard cover on Littlehampton and Bognor Regis beaqches (look for the lifeguard towers) until 5 September 2021.

Foreshores page: 
Freedom of Information

Enquiries should be made using the e.form available from the Council’s website, by email or telephone only

There may be some delay to responses which we will advise you of where necessary

Email us at:

See website for more info:

See website for more info:

Call us on: 01903 737402

Call us on: 01903 737857

Greenspace - Events

No events/gatherings or activities are receiving consent to take place - this is in line with Govt guidelines and legislation.  No new bookings are being accepted at this time.  See website for more information:
Health and Safety regulation

Work continuing includes major workplace accidents investigation, or health and wellbeing issues, including COVID compliance issues within workplaces, where there is an imminent or serious risk to health.
COVID working safely Spot Checks continuing in partnership with HSE
Proactive COVID patrols
Limited face to face contact – where it is safe to do so.

Please use our online service in the first instance:
Housing Benefits, Council Tax & Business Rates

Service running normally but appointments by telephone only. Services can be accessed online.

If you do need to call us, we are working hard to ensure that we have as many people answering calls as possible, however you will probably still have to wait for longer than we would normally like. Thank you for your patience.

Please contact us via email wherever possible on

For business rates information: Business Rates and Business Support webpage

For Council Tax information: Council Tax help and information

For Benefits information: Benefits information and advice

Benefits: 01903 737753

Council tax: 01903 737752
Housing Options & Homelessness

Our homeless services are still being provided. All information is available on

Contact us on 01903 737552 or email us

Housing Register and Housing Allocations

We are advertising and letting properties as usual.

If you wish to return keys to a property, you can call into reception at either Littlehampton Civic Centre or Bognor Regis Town Hall.

You can contact us via email or by phone on 01903 737370

Information regarding the Housing Register is available on

Housing Rent The Housing Rent team are all working remotely

Information regarding the services is available on

They can be contacted by phone on 01903 737866

Housing Repairs & Maintenance

Service continuing as normal.   

Operatives will adhere to the government’s Coronavirus Covid-19 guidelines, including social distancing, and the wearing of personal protective equipment as required.

Please use the website:

To report repairs the team can be contacted by phone on 01903 737827

Land charges

We are currently running a normal service. Search turn around 24-48 hours.

Personal Search Agents can self-serve at the Arun District Council Civic Centre and Bognor Regis Town Hall. Appointment essential. email

See website for more info:

Leaseholder and Right to Buy

We are processing current Right To Buy applications. 

New Right to Buy applications can be made, although this may take longer to process as  there is currently a delay in gaining the valuations

Leaseholder Services are running normally.

Information regarding the services is available on

You can contact us via email on or by phone on 01903 737657

Please see the Right to Buy website for further details


The Council’s leisure centres operated by Freedom Leisure are subject to Government guidelines.  Please see the Freedom Leisure website for further information.

Update from Tivoli Lifestyle Sports Sites;
At this stage bowls greens are open but with restrictions on numbers and a booking system is in place.

Par 3 golf at Norfolk Gardens is currently free of charge but you must bring your own equipment

Tennis courts are free of charge. You must bring your own equipment. You should spend no more than 1 hour using the court. Some courts may not have nets to support social distancing.

For the latest position and further information please visit Tivoli’s website at and social media channels and


See website for more info:


Please use our online service in the first instance:

We are currently running a limited service with only essential face-to-face contact and our response times may be increased. All communications must be provided electronically, not by paper.

More guidance for Taxi and Private Hire vehicle drivers is available on our website here: All taxi Knowledge Tests are cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Urgent work will be actioned, including enforcement of coronavirus business closure regulations.

In the first instance please use our website:

Please where possible use our application portal or email forms to   

Call us on: 01903 737755.

Service Requests can be logged on

Reduced Service:  available to install new units and carry out repairs (some limitations to this service due to priority being given to shielding and self-isolating households).

Monthly test calls:  due to the increased demand on the 24 hour monitoring service, please don’t make your monthly test call.  Pendants and units self-test for low battery and we will call you if we need to replace or upgrade any equipment.

Advice for Lifeline contacts and keyholders In the event of an alarm activated call, our 24 hour monitoring service has provided the following information:

  • If the next of kin or keyholder is unable to attend because, for example, they may be self-isolating, the emergency services will be called
  • If the next of kin or keyholder is able to attend, contacts will be advised to take precautions either by speaking from outside the property or, if they enter a property, to stay two metres away from the customer and follow government guidance

See website for more info:

Email us at:

Call us on: 01903 737970

Meetings, Minutes & Agendas

We will continue to publish details of meetings held or planned on Arun’s website.

For any other information, enquiries should be made by email or telephone only

See our website:

Email us at:

Call us on: 01903 737611
Call us on: 01903 737614
Call us on: 01903 737547

Neighbourhood Housing Services Housing Officers are available for contact; however, they are not undertaking any visits following the government’s Coronavirus Covid-19 restrictions.

Information regarding the team is available on

They can be contacted via email on or by phone on the following:

Littlehampton and surrounding areas – 01903 737791
Bognor Regis and surrounding areas – 01903 737725
Sheltered sites – 01903 737793
General Neighbourhood Housing enquiries – 01903 737530

Parks & Green Spaces

Children’s Play Areas remain open at this time. In line with latest Government guidelines Multi Use Games Areas, Skate Parks and Outdoor Gym Equipment may no longer be used. Children must be supervised at all times. Maintain social distancing. Consider taking hand sanitiser. Consider taking cleaning wipes to clean touch points. Please see the attached Guidance about the Re-Opening of Arun's Parks.

Parks and cemeteries are currently open but people must maintain social distancing from others and follow government guidelines around groups/numbers of people with whom you can meet.

See website for more info:

Tel: 01903 737951 / 737951


Facebook: @arunparksgreenspace

Twitter: @arun_parks

Pest Control Service

Service continuing as normal and provided by AGS One

Phone: 01903 954711




Planning Policy:
We are running a normal service but progress on some publications has been delayed because of cancelled meetings

Planning applications:
We are running a normal service. There has been no change in the scheme of delegation. 

Case investigations may have slowed down due to the fact that some site visits cannot be carried out. However, all compliance officers are working as normal.

IMPORTANT :  New legislation relating to the temporary provisions of takeaway food

A new Class DA has been introduced to the Town & Country Planning General Permitted Development Order 2015 under Schedule 2, Part 3 to allow a change of use from any of A3, A4, A3 + A4, or a “drinking establishment with expanded food provision” to a temporary use for the “provision of takeaway food” from 24 March 2020 until 23 March 2022. Please consult Statutory Instrument SI 330/2020 for full details via:

The planning office is not open to visitors. We cannot accept any submissions by post; all need to be made electronically as the majority of staff are continuing to work from home and are not able to collect any paper submissions made to us.

See website for more info:

Email us at:

Call us on: 01903 737756
Private Sector Housing

Services currently still being provided minimising face to face contact:

  • Housing Standards Enforcement – Investigation of Category 1 hazards
  • Illegal Eviction enforcement
  • Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation
Energy Efficiency and Fuel Poverty Advice
See website for more info:
Private water supplies

Priority to investigation of concerns regarding high-risk private water supplies
Routine sampling and risk assessment prioritised based on risk

Please use our online service in the first instance:
Public toilets

All public toilets run by Arun District council will remain open – but additional cleaning will be taking place. Further measures may be in place on a site by site basis. Please adhere to any signage/guidance at these sites

See website for more info:

Registration of new food businesses

Please use our online service in the first instance:

New food business registrations still be processed. 

See website for more info:
Street Naming and Numbering Service continuing as normal See website for more info: 

Waste & Recycling services

Garden Waste

We are now operating a normal service for rubbish, recycling and garden waste collections.

If there are impacts as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we may need to reduce the service we provide. We will update this page, as well as our collection day search page:

See website for more info:


The team are still operating and available for tailored advice, support and motivational interviewing via telephone, video call and/or email (please note face to face support is currently suspended).

See website for more info:

Call us on: 01903 737862