Sheltered Housing


Sheltered Housing is for vulnerable, elderly and disabled people, but it is NOT an old peoples home.

On the 1st July 2013 – West Sussex County Council changed their support service provider for older people in the Arun area from Places for People to In Touch, part of the Family Mosaic group.

The service, which customers have named ‘Here to Help’ offers free housing support for older people aged 60 and over in Mid Sussex, Chichester and Arun to enable individuals to maintain their independence and stay safe and well at home, whether it be in sheltered housing, general needs social housing, private rented accommodation or owner occupiers.

Here to Help leaflet.pdf [pdf] 3MB  

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To access the service, customers must be:

  • Age 60+ (55+ if they have a disability)
  • Living in the district boundaries of  Mid Sussex, Chichester or Arun
  • In need of housing support to stay safe and well at home

In Touch are now accepting referrals from statutory and voluntary agencies, or from older people themselves and their family and friends.

You can contact them on 01273 468100, email or see the family mosaic website.


Supported housing

Housing Support Services

The Housing Support Services ensures, as far as possible, the safety of the communal areas of the buildings within various Council properties. The properties include sheltered housing sites, hostels and a number of blocks of Arun District Council flats. 

Our tasks include:

  • To visit sites and completing checks within the communal areas in accordance with the Health and Safety regulations.  Reporting any issues and irregularities.   
  • To regularly check fire alarms ensuring any failure of the system is reported as a matter of urgency. Checking all emergency exits are clear and unobstructed.
  • To check lift/s are in good working order and report problems.
  • Within Sheltered Housing
    • Deal with the ‘Preserved Rights’ Television Licenses where required.
    • Test Emergency Alarm System, including batteries, speech modules, pull cords etc within communal areas.  Reporting any issues and irregularities.
    • To monitor all other areas within the communal areas, including buggy stores, boiler houses, cupboards, door entry systems.  Reporting any issues and irregularities.
    • Dealing with inventories, laundry rooms and the hire of guest rooms and communal rooms.


Arun Lifeline

Arun Lifeline is your local provider of Telecare solutions. It offers a 24 hour, 365 days a year telephone link and is available for short or long term rental. The basic Lifeline unit is connected to your telephone system and is supplied with a pendant which can be worn around your neck or wrist.  There are other sensors which can be added to the unit should there be a need for them, for instance a smoke detector. We have competitive rates and there is no installation charge.  The cost of monitoring and maintenance is inclusive in the price. Please see our Lifeline pages for more information.

Other useful information may be found at the following West Sussex County Council links:

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