The grey squirrel has a body of approximately 25cm (10inches), and a long bushy tail which is approximately 22cm (9 inches) in length. Both males and females are of a similar size and weight, about 500g (1lb). Squirrels indoors will tear up insulation and chew woodwork and wiring. You may be able to determine their points of entry by looking for chewed holes in the facia and soffit boards. If they are in a loft, it is likely you will be able to hear them moving around. Squirrels in the garden can cause substantial damage. They will dig up bulbs and strip bark off of bushes and trees. They will also strip fruit from trees and dig holes in lawns to bury their acorns. You are likely to see them running around the garden. Squirrels do not pose a health risk.


About the treatment

Our Pest Control Officer will survey your property, and lay traps as appropriate. We will offer advice on prevention of re-infestation, and other contributory factors. After the first visit, a date will be agreed with you for us to return to check on how the treatment is proceeding. During this time, we will move reset traps as necessary. We will continue to visit until the treatment is complete. For more information, please read the about the service page.


Booking your appointment

Please call 01903 737755 to arrange a pest control appointment. This service is chargeable, please see our pest control fees page for more information. The fee will be payable at the time of booking, so please have your card details ready. We will not usually be able to refund the payment once treatment is underway. If the squirrels return within four weeks of your last visit we will call back free of charge. If the problem reoccurs after this time, this will be dealt with as a new treatment and a further charge will apply.