Standards Committee



This Committee promotes and maintains high standards of conduct by District Councillors, Town and Parish Councillors and Co-Opted Councillors across the Arun District by encouraging them to observe the Members’ Code of Conduct.  Membership of the Committee consists of Members of Arun District Council and independent persons.  For details of forthcoming meetings see our calendar.

Since 8 May 2008, the Standards Committee has been responsible for considering any complaints made that a Councillor may have breached the Members’ Code of Conduct.  A Local Assessment Panel comprising members of the Committee and an independent person will consider complaints requiring assessment.


Code of conduct

All Councillors, whether they represent Arun District Council or a Town/Parish Council within the Arun District, have to abide by a Code of Conduct.   If you believe that a Councillor has fallen short of the standards of conduct expected by the Code they signed up to, you can make a complaint to the Arun District Council’s Monitoring Officer.

To find out more about the Members’ Code of Conduct and how to make a complaint see Complaints Against Councillors



English (C), Dillon (VC), Blampied, Mrs Bower, Edwards, Mrs Rapnik, Wensley, Dr Walsh and Wheal. 

Meetings are held quarterly at the Arun Civic Centre, Littlehampton.

Please click here if you would like the contact details for our District Councillors.


Agendas and minutes

Minutes from meetings of The Standards Committee held since April 2014 (to view older documents please scroll down).

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Agendas and Minutes - Archive

Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
17 April 2014 This meeting has been cancelled. Meeting Cancelled.
23 January 2014 This meeting was cancelled Meeting Cancelled
17 October 2013 Standards Committee Agenda 17.10.13.pdf [pdf] 2MB Standards Committee Minutes 17 October 2013.pdf [pdf] 34KB
20 June 2013 This meeting was cancelled. This meeting was cancelled.
14 February 2013 This meeting was cancelled. This meeting was cancelled.
18 October 2012 This meeting was cancelled. This meeting was cancelled.
19 July 2012 Standards Committee 19 07 12.pdf [pdf] 3MB Standards Committee Minutes 19 July 2012.pdf [pdf] 33KB
1st March 2012 This meeting was cancelled This meeting was cancelled
8th December 2011 Standards_Committee_Agenda_08_12_11.pdf [pdf] 647KB Standards Minutes 081212.pdf [pdf] 28KB
1st September 2011 Standards Committee Agenda 01 09 11.pdf [pdf] 727KB Standards Committee Minutes 1st September 2011.pdf [pdf] 21KB
9th June 2011 (Meeting Cancelled) Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
13th April (Special Meeting) Agenda 13.04.11.pdf [pdf] 22KB Special Standards Minutes 130411.pdf [pdf] 24KB
23rd March 2011 (Special Meeting) Agenda 23.03.11.pdf [pdf] 22KB Minutes 23.03.11.pdf [pdf] 12KB
24th February 2011 (Meeting Cancelled) Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
16th December 2010 Agenda 16.12.10.pdf [pdf] 260KB Minutes 16.12.10.pdf [pdf] 38KB
3rd June 2010 Agenda 03.06.10.pdf [pdf] 358KB Minutes 03.06.10.pdf [pdf] 15KB
25th March 2010 Agenda 25.03.10.pdf [pdf] 115KB Minutes 25.03.10.pdf [pdf] 16KB
7th January 2010 (NOTE: Moved to 11.02.10.) Agenda 11.02.10.pdf [pdf] 363KB Minutes 11.02.10.pdf [pdf] 27KB
8th October 2009 Agenda 08.10.09.pdf [pdf] 214KB Minutes 08.10.09.pdf [pdf] 29KB
16th July 2009 Agenda 16.07.09.pdf [pdf] 765KB Minutes 16.07.09.pdf [pdf] 57KB
4th December 2008 Agenda 04.12.08.pdf [pdf] 2MB Minutes 04.12.08.pdf [pdf] 42KB
5th June 2008 Agenda 05.06.08.pdf [pdf] 5MB Minutes 05.06.08.pdf [pdf] 63KB
20th December 2007 Agenda 20.12.07.pdf [pdf] 1MB Minutes 20.12.07.pdf [pdf] 47KB
23rd August 2007 Agenda 23.08.07.pdf [pdf] 82KB Minutes 23.08.07.pdf [pdf] 78KB

The Council will refer dispensation requests received from Town and Parish Councils under the Code of Conduct to its Dispensation Sub-Committee, whose membership will consist of one District Council Member, one Independent Member and one Parish Council Member selected from the the membership of the Standards Committee. The Dispensation Sub-Committee will only meet to consider a dispensation request and meetings will be held at the Arun Civic Centre at a time to suit Officers and Members of the Sub-Committee. To view agendas and minutes of the Dispensation Sub-Committee, please refer to the table below:-

Date of Meeting Agenda Minutes
Dispensation Sub-Committee Agendas and Minutes
13th April 2012 Dispensation Subcommittee 13 04 12.pdf [pdf] 228KB Dispensation Sub-Committee Minutes 13 April 2012.pdf [pdf] 18KB
12th July 2011 Dispensation Sub Committee Agenda 12 07 11.pdf [pdf] 138KB Dispensation Sub Committee Minutes 12th July 2011.pdf [pdf] 18KB