Supermarket must follow planning rules says council

Supermarket must follow planning rules says council


Arun District Council has issued a Breach of Condition Notice to supermarket chain Morrisons for not complying with a planning condition. 

Morrisons was given planning permission to build a store in Wick in April 2012 on the site of the former Body Shop building. 

As a condition of this permission, prior to opening their new store, Morrisons was required to convert part of the building to an ‘Enterprise Hub’ comprising office premises for lease or rent to small businesses.

The offices would accommodate up to 200 employees and provide 90 car parking spaces and in March this year, the council approved the use of a larger part of the building for a GP surgery. 

Morrisons has not complied with the conditions of the planning agreement and has opened the store prior to completing the Enterprise Hub. 

Karl Roberts, Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration, said: “The council doesn’t take enforcement action lightly but it is important that planning rules and procedure is followed correctly. 

“I hope Morrisons will take swift measures to remedy the situation otherwise the council will need to consider further action.”