Telecoms Planning

Until further notice due to the Coronavirus we are unable to accept PAPER planning applications, comments on planning applications, compliance complaints or forms relating to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) as all staff are now working from home. Planning applications must be made electronically via the planning portal . Comments on planning applications must be made on the online by searching for the application on the website and entering a comment , compliance complaints must be made on the online form and the submission of CIL forms (with the exception of CIL Form 1 which must be submitted with the planning application itself) must be sent to

We are working towards setting up a Development Control Committee for 27 May 2020 to determine planning applications in the normal way. The Government are setting out legislation on how this should be achieved. The Government sent a letter to local councils recently, which is attached here: Chief Planners Newsletter - March 2020.pdf [pdf] 135KB . There is currently no change to the Council’s scheme of delegation and applications will still need to be determined at a Committee meeting if necessary. It is highly likely that this meeting (and future meetings) will be held remotely or with a reduced number of members and details will be published when they have been agreed.

We will not issue any delegated officer decision to approve a major application or a minor application where there are a significant number of objections and the Parish/Town Council have not had the opportunity to comment because of the Covid 19 Pandemic until consultation has been carried out with the Chairman of the Development Control Committee and Portfolio Holder for Planning to confirm that they are in agreement that a decision can be issued.

Telecommunications Roll Out Plans

This information has been provided to Arun District Council by the Mobile Operators Association, which represents the collective interests of all UK mobile network operators:



William Comery, Community Affairs Manager


E E Ltd

Alex Jackman, Community Affairs Manager


CTIL (on behalf of Vodafone and Telefonica)

Brian Truman, Head of Planning and Community Engagement


Expected Sites

The following informal plans are for information purposes only and outline the expected sites (existing and proposed) where formal applications may come forward in due course over the coming year. Any comments on the plans should be made directly to the operators.

Rollout Plans 2015-2016.xlsx [xlsx] 289KB

Rollout Plans 2014-2015.xlsx [xlsx] 280KB

Rollout Plans 2013-2014.xlsx [xlsx] 281KB

Rollout Plans 2012-2013.xlsx [xlsx] 264KB

Rollout Plans 2011-2012.xls [xls] 1MB

Rollout Plans 2010-2011.xls [xls] 2MB

Rollout Plans 2009-2010.xls [xls] 2MB

Rollout Plans 2008-2009.xls [xls] 211KB

Rollout Plans 2007-2008.xls [xls] 212KB

Rollout Plans 2006-2007.xls [xls] 198KB

Rollout Plans 2005-2006.xls [xls] 175KB