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Privacy policy

As a data controller we will take all necessary steps to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and its relevant subordinate legislation. We are required to collect information fairly, let you know how we will use it and whether we will pass the information on to anyone else. We will ensure all personal information supplied to us is held securely, and only held for as long as is necessary. Any third party processing information on the Council’s behalf is contractually obliged to put in place similar measures. However, you should consider any communication that you transmit to us (such as data, questions, answers, comments or suggestions) as non-confidential. The Council will not be liable if information that belongs to you is intercepted and used by an unintended recipient. Where disclosures are made to third parties, those third parties may either be located, or process the personal information, outside the European Economic Area. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that there is adequate protection.

We use Google Analytics to collect information such as how often users visit this site, what pages they visit, and what other sites they used prior to coming to this site. We use the information we get from Google Analytics only to improve this site. Google Analytics collects the IP address assigned to you on the date you visit this site, rather than any identifying information. We do not combine the information collected with personally identifiable information. Although Google Analytics plants a permanent cookie on your web browser to identify you as a unique user the next time you visit this site, the cookie cannot be used by anyone but Google. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to this site is restricted by the Google’s own terms of use and privacy policies. Google Analytics uses only first-party cookies for data analysis.  This means that the cookies are linked to a specific website domain, and Google Analytics will only use that cookie data for statistical analysis related to your browsing behaviour on that specific website. According to Google, the data collected cannot be altered or retrieved by services from other domains. If you choose, you can opt out by turning off cookies in the preferences settings in your web browser. For more information on Google Analytics, please visit their site.

We can obtain access to your personal data (name, email address and other contact information) when you become an advertiser/merchant with us, make comments, submit a problem, or request information from us and provide your name or return contact information. Personal data obtained from optional surveys or contests may be used by us for the purpose of making users aware of services or promotions which the Council thinks you may be interested in. Such information may also be disclosed to carefully selected third parties for direct marketing but we will only do so if we have obtained your consent. Any such consent that you give may be withdrawn at any time by emailing

You have a right to access personal information we hold about you. If you wish to do this, please complete the Data Subject Access Request form Please note there is a £10.00 charge for this service, payable at the end of the application. When we are satisfied as to your identity we will send you a copy of all the data we hold concerning you. We have 40 days in which to provide this information to you. Please contact us at the same address if you have any reason to believe the data we hold on you is inaccurate. Specific personal information may be released where we are required to do so e.g. court order or for any of the Council’s statutory purposes.

We may edit or amend this privacy statement from time to time. If we make any substantial changes notice will be posted on the home page of our website. If you have any questions about this statement or the collection and use of personal information please contact us at the address below.


Call recording policy

The main purpose of call recording is to support our commitment to staff training and development and ensuring that quality of service is maintained within Arun Direct. Recorded calls may also be used to validate the events that may have led up to a customer complaint. All calls that come through the Arun Direct service based numbers (except for Switchboard) are recorded i.e. the interaction between an advisor and a customer.

During a call where an advisor seeks advice from the back office whilst the customer is on the line, that interaction would also be recorded. This will provide a fuller picture of the call including the advice given in the event there was a query or complaint at a later stage. Any call (internal and external) made from an Arun Direct extension with call recording attached to that particular extension would also be recorded.

Recordings are retained in line with the requirements of each of the Council's service areas.

To make a request please click here to complete our online application form or send your request along with a fee of £10 and proof of your I.D. to The Information Management Team at the address below. 

We have 40 calendar days to deal with your request. Please do not contact us during this period, unless you have further information to add to your request, which will help us to find the information requested.


Copyright statement

The copyright of the material on this website and the design of the website belong to Arun District Council. You are welcome to download any of the material for your own personal use on these terms and conditions: 
  • You accept all risks from downloading, installing or using the material
  • Arun District Council will not be responsible for any damage (including any damage caused by viruses) to your computer or software or any losses or damage suffered by you as a result of downloading, installing or using the material
  • You will not, without the prior written agreement of Arun District Council: reproduce, redistribute or alter any of the material; or alter or remove any copyright notices on the material
  • By downloading, installing or using any of the material you automatically agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, then please do not download, install or use any of the material
  • All other rights are reserved to this council. Any infringement of our rights will result in the appropriate legal action


Liability statement

Every care is taken in the compilation of the material, content and information contained within this website, and every effort is made to ensure that it is both accurate and up to date. However, Arun District Council nor any other party involved in any way with this website cannot be held responsible for any loss, cost, damage, inconvenience or expense caused through the use of this website as a result of any inaccuracy or error contained within the website or any information or material displayed on or contained within it.

Whilst all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that this website is free from computer viruses, Arun District Council accepts no liability in respect of any loss, cost, damage, inconvenience or expense suffered as a result of accessing this website or any of its attachments. Please ensure that you take any steps you regard as necessary to protect your computer system from virus attack.


External links statement

Arun District Council is not responsible for the content of any external site linked to from this website. The inclusion of any company's name or link to their website within the Arun District Council website should not be construed as an endorsement of that particular company's products and/or services. Every care is taken to try to maintain links to external websites, so please let us know if you find a broken link. All links to external websites from the Arun DC website will open in a new browser window.

Links are merely references to other sites. You may link to Arun District Council’s site from your own; you do not have to ask permission to link to this site - or any other website. However, you should not make a link which misrepresents what is being linked to, or implies a relationship with Arun DC that does not exist. For instance, you may not use Arun DC pages as part of a frame or in any other way which changes the URL, or represents them as being published by anyone other than Arun DC.


Reuse of public sector information 

Unless otherwise stated, Arun District Council (the Council) owns the copyright in all material on this site. Subject to the following conditions, the Council has no objection to organisations downloading copyright-protected materials from the site (the 'Materials') and reproducing them in their own publications, or on their internal computer networks:

  • Organisations must ensure that they are using the latest version of the Materials available
  • Any publication or internal network which incorporates the Council's Materials must include an acknowledgement of the source of such materials
  • The Material must be clearly separated from any comment made on it by the organisation or others
  • Readers of the Material must not be given the impression that the Council is responsible for, or has in any way approved, the publication or network in which his Materials are reproduced
  • The Materials may not be altered or amended unless such material is clearly marked as altered or amended by the organisation or others
  • When reproducing the Council's Materials organisations must have regard to any qualifying statements or descriptions attached to the Materials, (for example, descriptions such as 'consultation document', 'discussion paper', or 'preliminary view' are important as are statements concerning the audience at which the Material is directed). If the Material is reproduced in full, or substantial extracts are reproduced, any qualifying statements attached to the Material must be included
  • Any reproduction of the Council's official forms, otherwise than for the purpose of submitting information to the Council, must be clearly marked 'SPECIMEN' unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Council.
  • There is no charge for the reproduction of Materials made in accordance with these conditions.

The Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 provided a framework for deciding issues relating to the re-use of information held by public bodies. Subject to the conditions set out above, the Council has no objection to organisations reproducing in their own publications Materials available from this site. In accordance with the Regulations, the main documents available for re-use are listed in the Council's Publication Scheme

Where an organisation wishes to re-use the Council's Materials but the proposed re-use would contravene any of the conditions set out above, the organisation should contact the the Head of Information at Arun District Council to determine whether the proposed re-use would be permitted and what, if any, additional conditions may apply. The application should be in writing, specifying name and address of the applicant, identifying the documents to be re-used and the purpose for re-use. Applications should be sent to The Information Manager at the address below. 

If an individual or organisation is unhappy with the manner in which an application for the reproduction or the re-use of the Council's Materials has been handled by the Council a complaint should be made via the Council's Corporate Complaints system.

Regulation 17 'Re-use of Public Sector Public Sector Information Regulations 2005' requires us to respond to a complaint within a reasonable time and we aim to do this within 20 working days. We will notify you in writing of the determination of the complaint, giving reasons for the decision taken. If you remain dissatisfied once you have exhausted the internal complaints process, you may refer your complaint to the Office of Public Sector Information.



The Council has a published Whistleblowing Policy, which is available on our Internal Audit page The policy is primarily aimed at staff, however, members of the public and contractors etc. may also wish to raise concerns using the contact information provided. 


Money laundering

The Council has a published Money Laundering Policy.pdf [pdf] 43KB which is available to all staff.


Departmental policy documents

Environmental Health and Private Sector Housing A Guide to our Services.pdf [pdf] 768KB

Enforcement Policy September 2016 V8 FINAL.pdf [pdf] 232KB

Enforcement Policy Leaflet.pdf [pdf] 208KB

General Environmental Health Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 11KB

Private Housing and Public Health Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 104KB

Pest Control Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 100KB

Pollution Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 98KB

Health and Safety Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 18KB

Licensing Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 34KB

Dog Warden Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 15KB

Food Safety Service Standards 2016-17.pdf [pdf] 48KB

Health & Safety Service Plan 2016-17.pdf [pdf] 58KB

Food Service Plan 2016-17.pdf [pdf] 405KB