Can you vote? Register now! 30 March 2015


The UK Parliamentary and local District and Parish elections are now just five weeks away. You will soon be receiving your poll cards which will confirm your voting arrangements. These will be delivered between 1 and 10 April 2015, as long as you are already registered to vote. If you haven’t registered, then you can’t vote.

To ensure that you are able to vote visit the Arun District Council Website at You can either follow the links there to register online, or to request a registration form. To be able to vote in this election you must make sure that your registration application is received by Arun District Council’s Electoral Registration Officer, Nigel Lynn by 20 April at the latest.

Nigel Lynn said “With the introduction of individual electoral registration during the last year, it is now the public’s personal responsibility to ensure they have registered to vote. Checking if they are registered and taking steps to register if they aren’t, means the difference between being able to vote or not.”

Voters can choose to place their vote either at a polling station, or by a postal or proxy vote. You can still apply to vote by post or to change your existing postal or proxy voting arrangement as long as your application is received by 5pm on 21 April 2015.   You can find out more about how to vote on the Arun District Council Website at