Item 5 - Final - Appendix B - Q2 SDP indicators.pdf [pdf] 399KB

Item 5 - Final - Appendix A - Q2 Corporate Plan indicators.pdf [pdf] 391KB

Item 5 - Final - OSC Report Q2 Performance 20.10.20.docx [docx] 33KB

Leisure Contract update - Link 1 - Contract Variation May 2020.pdf [pdf] 276KB

Leisure Contract update - Link 3 - Contract Variation Aug 2020.pdf [pdf] 216KB

ADC HER Heritage Statement Template July 2020.docx [docx] 43KB

ADC Guidance Note for Completing the ADC Heritage Statement Template July 2020.pdf [pdf] 134KB

V2 EL WG Work Programme 2020_21.V3.xlsx [xlsx] 17KB


Arun District Council Digital Strategy 2020-2025 V1-2-4-1.pdf [pdf] 523KB

Arun Council Economic Strategy 2020 - 2025.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Arun Council Economic Strategy 2020 - 2025.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Wheel Brochure 2020 #1.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Forward Plan - 11 August 2020.pdf [pdf] 413KB

$$MDocPackPublic.version0001.pdf [pdf] 132KB

$$MDocPackPublic.pdf [pdf] 132KB

Item 9 - Planning Supplementary Estimates.pdf [pdf] 449KB

V3 HCS WG programme 2020-21.5.pdf [pdf] 19KB

Audit - Chairman's Annual Report.pdf [pdf] 343KB

Audit - Appendix.pdf [pdf] 515KB

Item 10 - TM Report Final.pdf [pdf] 836KB

Fire Policy Report.pdf [pdf] 461KB

Fire Policy - Appendix.pdf [pdf] 690KB

Void Lettable Report.pdf [pdf] 464KB


Void Policy - Appendix.pdf [pdf] 411KB

OSC Work Programme.pdf [pdf] 638KB

OSC Work Programme.pdf [pdf] 638KB

Contract Variation May 2020 - Covid-19.pdf [pdf] 276KB

Contract Variation August - Covid 19.pdf [pdf] 216KB

Covid-19 Recovery Working Party Minutes - 080920.pdf [pdf] 364KB

29 April 2020 - Alan's Covid Update report.pdf [pdf] 293KB

20 July - Revenue and Capital Outturn Report.pdf [pdf] 804KB

21 September - Budget Monitoring Report.pdf [pdf] 280KB

21 September - Appendix BMR.pdf [pdf] 715KB

21 September - Financial Prospects.pdf [pdf] 349KB

21 September - Financial Support to Freedom Leisure.pdf [pdf] 796KB

1 June - Covid-Update report.pdf [pdf] 515KB

22 June - Covid Update report.pdf [pdf] 365KB

Standards Covering Report.pdf [pdf] 351KB

Social Media Policy 2016 Final - Councillors.pdf [pdf] 226KB

Item 16 - Minute 214 - webcasting.pdf [pdf] 468KB

Planning Pol Report for Full Council.pdf [pdf] 303KB

Item 22 - Engineers Report.pdf [pdf] 430KB

Engineering Services Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 197KB

Engineering Services Appendix 2.pdf [pdf] 420KB

Item 22 - Housing SE.pdf [pdf] 296KB

Final Minute Pack 17112020.pdf [pdf] 13KB

HMO Report - Nat's Item.pdf [pdf] 420KB

Appendix to Nat's report.pdf [pdf] 276KB

Gas Safety Policy Report.pdf [pdf] 291KB

Appendix 1 - the Gas Safety Report.pdf [pdf] 454KB

Water Safety Policy.pdf [pdf] 290KB

The Actual Water Safety Policy - Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 456KB

20.12.03 Social Media Guidance Draft Policy - Covering report.docx [docx] 311KB

20.12.03 Appendix 1 Draft Social Media Guidance for Cllrs.docx [docx] 56KB

Contract Variation May 2020 - COVID-19 signed_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 385KB

Contract Variation August 2020 - COVID-19 signed_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 256KB

Item 12 - Safer Arun Report.pdf [pdf] 285KB

Safer Arun Appendix.pdf [pdf] 472KB

Item 12 - Tree Strategy.pdf [pdf] 561KB

Item 28 - Minute 21 - CIL report.pdf [pdf] 561KB

Item 28 -Minute 21 - Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 298KB

Item 28 - Minute 21 - Appendix 2.pdf [pdf] 348KB

Item 28 - Minute 21 - Appendix 3.pdf [pdf] 284KB

Item 28 -Minute 21 - Appendix 4.pdf [pdf] 275KB

Item 28 - Minute 24 - Design Report.pdf [pdf] 331KB

Item 28 - Minute 27 - Report.pdf [pdf] 412KB

Item 25 - CEO Rem - Report.pdf [pdf] 287KB

Item 25 - Appendix 1 - Comparatives.pdf [pdf] 227KB

Item 18 - Minute 285 - Place St Maur Report.pdf [pdf] 303KB

Appendix 1 Place St Maur Esplanade Project - Project Proposal - FINAL DRAFT.pdf [pdf] 146KB

Item 18 - Minute 286 - Sunken Gardens rep.pdf [pdf] 298KB

Appendix 2 Sunken Gardens Cabinet Report 16 November 2020 - Draft Programme FINAL.pdf [pdf] 106KB

Item 19 - Panel Review Nigel's report.pdf [pdf] 291KB

Item 19 - The Panel's report.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Item 19 - TM Mid year Final.pdf [pdf] 840KB

Item 19 - Breach Report.pdf [pdf] 327KB

Options for Introducing Further Controls on the Definition Number and Quality of Houses in Multiple.pdf [pdf] 351KB

Item 8 - Support to Leisure Operating Contract.pdf [pdf] 728KB

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Please enter the reference number to view a recent Tree Preservation Order file (from 2007 onwards) for example enter AW/1/10 for TPO/AW/1/10.
The file is made up of the Provisional and/or Confirmed TPO Order, Schedule 1 (details of the trees), Map or Plan ( which Identifies the trees on the schedule 1). In some cases these documents are separate to view and in others they are in one document.
Files from 2010 will also contain other correspondence such as notifications sent out, any representations received and the officers report if applicable.
If you do not know the reference number of the Tree Preservation Order you wish to view or you have any further query please contact the Technical Support Unit on 01903 737711.