What's the big idea? 26 08 15

What's the big idea? 26 08 15


Arun District Council has put forward ‘9 Big Ideas’ to really bring to life some of the most popular public areas in Littlehampton. 

We soon hope to seek your views on how these proposals can be developed. 
It is envisaged the plans will enhance the town, both for the local community and for visitors to the area, in turn boosting the local economy and attracting new business. 

Out of the nine ideas, three are being considered initially. The three ideas are:

  • Pier Lookout

This plan could potentially see an upgrading of the Pier with new lighting, railings and a ‘Look Out.’

  • New Green and Beach Link

We hope to see the link between Beach Road across South Terrace and on to the Seafront greens towards the beach and promenade enhanced by putting in new lighting, improving the road and paving, adding information signs and linking different areas of the town more effectively.

  • Improve the promenade

This proposal aims to draw yet more people to our award-winning Blue Flag beach and all the seafront has to offer by improving the promenade between the pier and East Beach Café with a series of smaller projects, such as quality public art. 

Councillor Gillian Brown, Leader of Arun District Council and Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration, said: “We are committed to making Littlehampton as attractive as possible for people who live here, work here and come to visit. The ‘9 Big Ideas’ will build upon regeneration work in the town such as the attractive public areas created as part of the East Bank flood defence scheme. 

“It is vital to improve the links between the town centre, seafront and riverside areas in order to maximise Littlehampton’s potential and help tourists and local people enjoy all the town has to offer.”

Please note: At this stage the thoughts gathered within the Concept Investment Plan are simply ideas to help visualise how the town could interconnect more cohesively and further consultation will be conducted as the proposals progress.

If you have any feedback please contact Phil Graham, Economic Regeneration Officer at Arun District Council, by phoning 01903 737858 or by emailing phil.graham@arun.gov.uk 

For more information and to view the 9 Big Ideas for Littlehampton document please visit www.arun.gov.uk/regeneration-in-littlehampton 

The 9 Big Ideas

1.    To improve the character and accessibility of High Street links between St Martin’s, Terminus and Beach Road. 
2.    To connect the town and seafront better by improving the pedestrian areas between Beach Road and New Road. 
3.    To remodel the junction at the War Memorial to make it safer and easier for pedestrians. 
4.    To create a line of simple landscape works, such as planting and lighting, to the eastern edge of Caffyns Field.
5.    To transform the link between Beach Road across South Terrace and on to New Green towards the beach and promenade.
6.    To draw visitors by developing the western end of the beachfront to create more entertainment, leisure and food venues. 
7.    To upgrade the pier with new lighting and railings, together with a Look Out. 
8.    To improve the promenade with a series of smaller projects, such as quality public art. 
9.    A major piece of tall artwork to create a waterfront marker to mark the presence of the beach from the town.