Who We Support


Many people worry about living alone in case there is an emergency. Their family and friends often worry about them too. The Lifeline service can help to give you and your family some added security and peace of mind by knowing that help is on hand at the touch of a button. With Arun Lifeline, there is no equipment to buy and you can rent the equipment for the period you need whether for a short holiday when a relative is visiting, or to meet more long-term needs. The Lifeline service is available to help people at different stages of their life and can be adapted as their needs change. It is suitable for people of any age who:

  • are home alone on a frequent basis
  • are at risk of falls
  • use adaptive devices to assist with walking
  • are managing a medical condition

You do not need to be referred by a GP or Health Professional to benefit from the Lifeline service.


People with dementia and their carers

The 'Mindme' personal alarm and 'Mindme Locate' are aimed at supporting people with dementia and their carers. The devices, which are connected to a locally based control centre, can help give people greater independence and peace of mind through the GPS linked personal alarm service.More details can be found on the Lifeline Equipment page. Both devices are small and can be easily carried in a coat pocket, worn with a cord or attached to a key ring. 


Lone workers

If you are visiting customers, travelling between locations, or working by yourself and you find yourself at risk or feel unsafe, you can quickly call for help using the Mindme personal alarm. For shops or offices, a Lifeline alarm unit can be used. All calls are directed to a locally based 24 hour control centre. Once the alarm call is raised, the operator will alert the most suitable person or agency. The equipment can also be used as a mobile device for elderly and vulnerable people when they are out and about alone. 



We can help and support your loved ones to live safely and independently in their own home and in doing so we can help you as the carer to have a break and ease some of your concerns. Whether it is walking the dog, going shopping or meeting a friend, Arun Lifeline can help you do it with greater peace of mind, knowing that help is on hand. If there is a health emergency whilst you are out, the control centre will contact you and make sure you are aware of the situation and update you on any help that they have organised.


Family visitors (short term rentals)

The short term rental facility can cover a period of up to six weeks and costs just £26. This service is particularly benificial if you have an elederly relative or someone with care needs who is coming to stay with you for a short period and needs a little extra assistance. This service is also useful if you are going on holiday and need to put some extra help in place for a loved one before you go away.


Victims of crime

We work with the emergency services and are able to advise and install a Lifeline system to help individuals and families who have been victims of crime or who have been affected by domestic violence. We can install additional alarm solutions that can provide extra security. The equipment which has been found to be helpful includes the Lifeline unit and pendant, the Passive Infra-red Detector, MindMe, Bogus Caller button and Radio-linked Smoke Detectors. See the Lifeline Equipment page for more information.


We welcome enquiries and are able to book a home visit for a free no obligation assessment and demonstration. Telephone 01903 737970 or email us at arun.lifeline@arun.gov.uk. Alternatively use our online form to book a demonstration. Our adviser will assess the solutions that will be best suited to you and your needs.