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Advice about homelessness

We offer support and help whether you're homeless or worried about becoming homeless.

From 3 April 2018 the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 came into force. The act puts a legal duty on councils to offer more support to a wider range of people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness - and to intervene earlier.

If you contact Arun District Council about your housing situation, we will conduct an assessment of your circumstances. In order to establish what help you are entitled to, it is likely that we will need to see certain documents – please see the list of required documents;  07-09-18 Housing Options doc required.pdf [pdf] 52KB


Preventing homelessness

Once we have established that you are eligible for assistance and threatened with homelessness, we will always try to prevent you from becoming homeless in the first instance. Once we’ve completed an assessment of your housing circumstances, we will issue you with a Personalised Housing Plan, that details the actions the Council will take, as well as actions you must take in order to try to prevent your homelessness.

We can give you advice to help you to stay in your current home, including help with financial difficulties, tenancy matters, domestic abuse or a relationship breakdown, for example.

If you are under notice from a landlord, we will check your notice is valid. You can use our section 21 notice checklist for guidance: 333_Section21_Checklist_1.pdf [pdf] 411KB. We will also try to negotiate for you to remain in the property, which could include helping with rent arrears, for example.

If you have been asked to leave by friends or family, it is unlikely that you have many rights to remain in the accommodation, but you should get reasonable notice to leave. Remember, if you are having problems living at home, we may be able to help you to move in a managed way before you are actually asked to leave.

Contacting us early will mean we have the most time to work with you to find a solution to your housing problem!


Relieving Homelessness

We can help anyone that is eligible for assistance and already homeless, and once we’ve completed an assessment of your circumstances, we will issue you a Personalised Housing Plan, that details the actions the Council will take, as well as actions you must take in order to try to relieve your homelessness. What we can do will depend on several factors such as the people in your household and your needs (if any).

We will check if you are entitled to any emergency housing and if you’re able to join our housing register.

Please be aware that not everyone is entitled to emergency accommodation and if you have anywhere you are able to stay, such as with friends and family, this will be your best option.

We have also produced a useful A-Z of Homelessness Services in Arun which includes details of hostels, foodbanks, furniture, drop in groups and more.


Private Rented Accommodation

It may be that the solution to your housing problem will be to find a new property to live in. We may ask you to complete the following form 01-10-19 Deposit Bond_budget sheet v2.pdf [pdf] 675KB ; we will then check the property is affordable and conduct a health and safety assessment. We can usually assist with rent in advance and a repayable deposit bond – your options officer will be able to advise what assistance you are entitled to, depending on your circumstances.

We have a list of landlords and agents that have historically accepted applicants working with Arun District Council: Letting Agents_Landlords.pdf [pdf] 695KB . This list is not exhaustive and the contacts on this list are not specifically endorsed by Arun District Council – you may also be able to find your own prospective landlord or lettings agency and details of potential property sites are included on the list – please let us know if you find a property and you would like us to speak to a prospective landlord.


Help if you are experienceing domestic abuse

ADC Housing advice re domestic abuse
Local and national support organisations
NHAS leaflet: Domestic Abuse: Housing Options
NHAS leaflet: Domestic Abuse: Women's Refuges


Contact us
By phone on 01903 737552
In person at Bognor Regis Town Hall or the Civic Centre in Littlehampton
Appointments can be offered at Bognor Regis Town Hall or the Civic Centre


Information about the data we will collect and how we will handle it can be found in the following  Privacy Notice Homelessness and Housing Options.pdf [pdf] 226KB  and in the  Privacy Notice for data provided to the Ministry of Housing.docx [docx] 24KB .


Duty to Refer: 1 October 2018

If you represent a partner organisation that has the Duty to Refer with effect from October 2018 (See List.docx [docx] 15KB ) and you have a client in your service who is homeless or threatened with homelessness, and who has a connection to Arun, please complete the attached Duty to refer form.docx [docx] 106KB, with the client’s consent, and email it to

The form also has the contact details for other Councils within West Sussex if your client has a local connection to one of those Council areas.

If you are homeless and need somewhere to stay immediately, please contact the Housing Options Team directly and as soon as possible for an emergency assessment on 01903 737552.
If you are made homeless in an emergency situation outside of office hours, please contact us on 01903 737500.
If you are concerned about someone you have seen sleeping out, you can report this or get assistance from Streetlink via their website or the 24/7 phone line on 0300 500 0914.  
Streetlink referral notifications are sent to Arun District Council’s Housing Options team who can offer targeted advice and assistance.