Arun District Council offer paperless billing option – go greener, go paperless

Logo Council Tax payers in Arun are set to benefit from the launch of Arun District Council’s paperless billing this spring. The new initiative will mean residents will be able to receive their council tax bill online – going green by reducing paper. To encourage residents to sign up for this service, one lucky household will have their council tax paid for a whole year. When signing up for paperless billing, residents will be entered into a free prize draw (Terms & Conditions can be found on our website and the lucky winner will have their council tax account credited to cover their bill for one year, up to the cost of a Band D charge.

Arun District Council has made the move to a paperless billing system to streamline the management of council tax and to support the council’s green agenda. The new system will be more accessible for residents and will have an impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paper correspondence issued. The move to paperless bills is a choice and standard paper bills for those who do not sign up will continue for the time being.

The council are working hard to reduce the amount of paper used, and when signing up for online billing, residents will also be given the opportunity to provide their email address to enable them to receive the council’s newsletter electronically in the future. This will be governed by strict data protection protocols to ensure the use of data is appropriate and relevant.

More information about the process and what you need to do to sign up for paperless billing will be issued when the council tax bills are posted.