Other activities


Duty to co-operate

Duty to Cooperate Statement 2015.pdf [pdf] 7MB
Duty to Cooperate Statement addendum main mods [pdf] 328KB


Coastal West Sussex and Greater Brighton partnership


Memorandum of Understanding

ADCED51 MOU Adur Worthing.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ADCED52 MOU South Downs National Park.pdf [pdf] 887KB
ADCED66 MOU LEGA.pdf [pdf] 595KB
ADCED73 MOU Southern Water.pdf [pdf] 297KB
ADCED78 MOU Chichester_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 2MB


Statement of Common Ground

ADCED54 SoCG Fontwell redacted SoCG.pdf [pdf] 713KB
ADCED65 West Bank SoCG Littlehampton West Bank.pdf [pdf] 316KB
ADCED69 SoCG Ford.pdf [pdf] 411KB
ADCED70 SOCG Pagham North.pdf [pdf] 384KB
ADCED70a SOCG Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ADCED70b SOCG Appendix 2_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 699KB
ADCED71 SOCG Climping_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ADCED74 SOCG BEW_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ADCED80 SOCG West of Bersted_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 349KB
ADCED84 SOCG Pagham North.pdf [pdf] 287KB
ADCED84a SOCG Pagham North Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 7MB
ADCED84b SOCG Pagham North Appendix 2_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 702KB
ADCED85 SOCG Pagham South.pdf [pdf] 229KB
ADCED85a SOCG Pagham South Appendix 1_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 698KB
ADCED86 SOCG Yapton.pdf [pdf] 48KB

ADCED75 Position Statement on Flood Risk.pdf [pdf] 447KB