Neighbourhood Plan Referendums

Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendums

Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendums will be held in a number of parishes within the Arun District over the coming years.

Nigel Lynn, Arun’s Chief Executive will act as the Counting Officer for these Referendums and his Deputy will be Liz Futcher, Head of Democratic Services.

You can follow the progress of these Referendums by clicking here: Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Page


Plan Name Referendum Date Outcome of referendum Declaration of result
Angmering 22nd January 2015 Yes - 96.93% Declaration of Result (Angmering) [pdf] 70KB
Arundel 8th April 2014 Yes - 90% Declaration of Result (Arundel) [pdf] 22KB
Barnham & Eastergate 2nd July 2014 Yes - 95.25% Declaration of Result (Barnham & Eastergate) [pdf] 22KB
Bersted 23rd October 2014 Yes - 90.55% Declaration of Result - Bersted [pdf] 22KB
East Preston 28th January 2015 Yes - 91.88% Declaration of Result - East Preston [pdf] 69KB
Felpham 2nd July 2014 Yes - 90.14% Declaration of Result (Felpham) [pdf] 22KB
Ferring NDP 10th December 2014 Yes - 82.66% Declaration of Result (Ferring) [pdf] 19KB
Ferring CRTBO 1 - Housing on land behind the Henty Arms 10th December 2014 Yes - 75.81% Declaration of Result CRBTO 1 [pdf] 19KB
Ferring CRTBO 2 - Housing on the Village Hall Site 10th December 2014 Yes - 71.19% Declaration of Result CRTBO 2 [pdf] 19KB
Ferring CRTBO 3 - Community Centre 10th December 2014 Yes - 78.84% Declaration of Result CRBTO 3 [pdf] 19KB
Kingston 28th January 2015 Yes - 96.45% Declaration of Result - Kingston [pdf] 70KB
Littlehampton 15th October 2014 Yes – 85.87% Declaration of Result (Littlehampton) [pdf] 19KB
Rustington 28th January 2015 Yes - 93.54% Declaration of Result - Rustington [pdf] 70KB
Yapton 23rd October 2014 Yes - 94.45% Declaration of Result - Yapton [pdf] 22KB


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