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This search facility links directly to Arun District Council's Planning database and is a register of planning applications received since 1987. This search facility is best used to search for applications when you know the reference number or you are looking for applications received or decided between certain dates. In addition to giving the basic application details, you can make comments on most undecided applications and the following documentation can be viewed:

  • Planning Decisions since May 1992 to date
  • Application Forms and Plans since 1st November 2005 to date
  • Representations since 1st June 2012 to date.


 As the above facility only includes planning applications received post 1987, it would be best to use the Site Search facility for a full site history as this will show  all applications linked to a site/address. If you wish to search for Building Regulation applications you must use the Building Control Tracker.

From 1 April 2012 the South Downs National Park Authority has been responsible for all planning matters that fall within the National Park boundary so you will need to refer to their website to view planning applications and planning history since this date. For further information and to check whether your propoerty lies within the National Park Boundary please see South Downs National Park. Please note that Arun District Council will continue to be responsible for all Building Control throughout the District regardless of whether it lies with the National Park.


Making Comments on Planning Applications

Information  of how to make comments using the above facility can be found at  Making Comments on Planning Applications


Planning Weekly Lists

As well as using the search facility abouve to search between the dates of your choice, every Friday we publish a Weekly List of Planning Appplications which contains details of all planning applications received and decisions made in the previous week.  On the applications where we are inviting public comment, you are able to click on the reference number to view the details and make your comments.  On all other types of application you will only be able to view the documents relating to the application:


Advertised on 02 04 15.pdf [pdf] 78KB

Advertised on 26 03 15.pdf [pdf] 72KB

Advertised on 19 03 15.pdf [pdf] 82KB

Advertised on 12 03 15.pdf [pdf] 93KB

Advertised on 05 03 2015.pdf [pdf] 51KB

Advertised on 26 02 2015.pdf [pdf] 68KB


General  Information and Help

These web pages will be unavailable between 1.00 am and 1.15 am and 6.55am and 7.30am everyday for backups. If you are experiencing problems accessing our system please view our Tips To Resolve Problems.pdf [pdf] 74KB which should help you.


Using the Planning Application Search

Please bear in mind, that when you search, the system can only return the data you have asked it to search for. Extra care should be taken when entering addresses and descriptions as our records may be held slightly differently. For example a site may be known as "land rear of" or there may be a house name. If this is not included in the search field it will not be found. The system is only as up to date as our live data base and there will always be a delay between an application being received in the office and it appearing on the data base. In some cases it may be necessary to visit the office to ensure you have a full site history and customers are always encouraged to carry out a formal Local Land Charge Search.

This web site operates like most others. If an item is underlined and in a different colour it is a link to another page. When you hover your mouse over the item a hand should appear and if you click on it you will be taken to that linked page. You can use the forward and back arrow icons at the top of the screen to move around the web site. When you are in a screen you can always click on the planning home tab to return to the main start page. Also, most linked pages have a return tab which takes you back to a previous page.


Viewing Plans Online
Open the Guide To Viewing Plans [pdf] 144KB . for details on how to move images, magnify and scale or measure. Please also note that you need Java installed on your machine to read documents. No documents are published relating to Building Regulation submissions as these are not public documents


Copyright Act (Section 47, Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988) and how it applies to the re-use of information.
The plans, drawings and material have been submitted to Arun District Council in order to apply for planning permission. They are protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988). They are being made available to be viewed for consultation purposes only. Copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner (i.e. the applicants or their agent).


Arun District Council makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information held on this website but cannot accept responsibility for and disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of the information provided. No responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions in the planning history information obtained by customers carrying out their own research on the Arun District Council website. Any actions taken as a result of information displayed on the site are undertaken entirely at the viewer’s own risk.
Arun District Council publishes documents that are submitted by applicants as part of planning applications but we have no control over the fact that they may contain links within them to other web sites. Please be aware that if you click on a link, you may be taken to sites that are nothing to do with Arun District Council and that Arun District Council is not promoting or in any way recommending the services or products that these may well be advertising or promoting.