Beach huts

Bright, cheery and convenient, beach huts make a great base from which to enjoy our coastline.

Arun owned beach huts

We own 92 beach huts in the district – 60 in Littlehampton and 32 in Felpham.  

All our huts are made from composite materials making them more robust, secure and needing less maintenance than wooden huts.  


The huts are let out on an annual lease – we do not offer daily, weekly or monthly rentals.   

Waiting list

The waiting list is currently closed.  

Only 3 or 4 huts become available each year, and the waiting list is over 300 people long at present. Due to the high demand, we are exploring opportunities to install more huts in the district.

If the waiting list is re-opened, we will update this page with how to join. 


If your council-owned beach hut needs a repair, you can report this to us via email: 

Privately owned beach huts

There are 152 privately owned beach huts in the district.  

These are bought and sold through estate agents, but owners pay an annual fee to us for the lease of the land. 

If you wish to buy a beach hut, you should check local estate agent listings, or specialist beach hut sales.  

Making payments for beach huts 

Lease charge

You will receive an annual invoice for your beach hut lease.  

You can pay your invoice online. You’ll need your invoice number which starts 813 or 816. 

Pay your invoice

Business rates (non-domestic rates) 

Because beach huts are classed as non-domestic property, they are liable for non-domestic rates. Non-domestic rates are more commonly known as business rates.  

You will receive a business rates demand notice telling you how much to pay. 

You can pay your business rates online. You’ll need your 10 digit account number which starts 88. 

Pay your business rates

You may be eligible for small business rate relief on your beach hut. Visit our reductions for businesses page to find out more.