Navigating our website

By using the Tab and Enter (or 'return') keys on your keyboard, it is possible to navigate and access all areas of our website.

The Tab key allows you to move and browse amongst the menus and links displayed on each page, and pressing Enter will activate your request for a particular menu or link.

The arrow keys on the keyboard will enable you to move up or down the page or from left to right. You can also use the 'home', 'end', 'page up' and 'page down' keys.

Alternatively you can swap your mouse buttons over to make it 'left handed', or slow the mouse down to make it easier to follow or 'double click'.

The BBC has published a useful guide to navigating the internet without using a mouse, which can be read here: My Web My Way


Translating our website

Our website is built to work with available translation tools and plugins. If you do not have your own, please see this guide on using Google Translate which is free for everyone.


Changing text size

To increase or decrease font size by zooming the whole webpages in or out you can do a 'Ctrl +' or 'Ctrl -' on the keyboard, or you can do the same using your mouse by holding down the 'Ctrl' key on the keyboard and using your mouse 'scroll' wheel. To reset the screen to normal do a 'Ctrl 0' on the keyboard.


Plain English

We aim to use plain language and avoid unnecessary jargon and acronyms on this website. There are pages or documents, such as planning documents or council reports, where complex or technical language is often necessary and used.


Access Guides

accessable banner link

We have worked in conjunction with AccessAble to create access guides to a number of places within the Arun district.  The guides are intended to help disabled people find information on visiting a variety of locations, including our offices, popular routes, tourist attractions and restaurants.  They provide photos and detailed accessibility information on each location.  Our access guides can be found on the AccessAble website.  


Community transport organisations

To learn more, please visit Arun Co-Ordinated Community Transport web site.