Copy bills and proof of residency

Current and historic bills 

If you require a copy of your Council Tax notice for the current or prior financial years, you can obtain this by registering to view your account online. 

You can only do this if you have a Council Tax/business account number.  

To register or sign in to use this service use the link below.                                                   

Your account

Please be aware that we are not able to provide copies of historic notices prior to 2020. If you are unable to view a bill online for a historic period, then we are unable to provide it. 

If you are having problems logging in or creating an account, please email us at  

If possible, include screenshots of any error messages you are receiving and the time and date.

Proof of residency 

A Council Tax bill does not prove that you resided at a certain address for a specific period. A Council Tax bill only proves that you were liable to pay Council Tax at that address. An individual might be registered for Council Tax but not resident at an address in cases where they: 

  • hold overlapping tenancies for a period of time
  • have a second home
  • are a landlord of an unoccupied property

If an organisation requests you provide a Council Tax bill as proof that you lived at a property for a period of time and you cannot access a historic bill, you can contact us to provide a statement of liability. 

A statement of liability will confirm the dates on which you became liable for Council Tax at a property, the reason(s) we determined that you should be liable, and any discounts or exemptions that you received while you were liable. 

If you require a statement of liability, please email making sure to reference your address and your ten-digit account number.