CRTBO Environmental Assessment Determinations

Environmental Assessment Determinations

“Under Schedule 11 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations relating to Community Right to Build Orders, Part 6 relating to European obligations relating to the environment, requires that a local planning authority must decline to consider a proposal for a community right to build order if they consider that:

(a)         the specified development falls within Annex 2 to the EIA directive and is likely to have significant effects on the environment by
virtue of factors such as its nature, size or location, or
(b)          the specified development is likely to have significant effects on a qualifying European site (whether alone or in combination with
other plans or projects) and is not directly connected with or necessary to the management of that site.

As such the table below is the publication of the determinations against both of the parts above in respect to each of the Community Right to Build Orders received.”

CRTBO Decisions
Parish CRTBO Name Part A (EIA) Determinations Part B (Habitats) Determinations
Ferring Community Centre Community Centre (EIA) [pdf] 20KB Community Centre (HRA) [pdf] 15KB
Ferring Henty Arms Land behind Henty Arms (EIA) [pdf] 20KB Rear of Henty Arms (HRA) [pdf] 15KB
Ferring Village Hall Village Hall (EIA) [pdf] 20KB Village Hall (HRA) [pdf] 15KB