East Preston Neighbourhood Development Plan

The documents in the table below form stages of the  Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 .

Statutory Sections of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations
Regulation Documents

Reg. 5 and 6 - Area designation


The designation of a neighbourhood area is the first formal stage in preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (see the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012). The approved Designated areas within Arun District Council’s Local Planning Authority Area (LPAA) are shown in the  Neighbourhood Areas Designation Map.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Parish and Town Councils are able to continue work on their neighbourhood plan while the proposed geography of the neighbourhood area is being determined.

Arun District Council is committed to publishing all applications received in its LPAA (in accordance with The Town and Country Planning Act 1990, The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 Part 2, Regulation 6).

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following Town/Parish Council has applied to Arun District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority (if applicable) for designation of Neighbourhood Area under Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

These documents indicate those areas where Arun District Council has received an application to designate a Neighbourhood Area in its LPAA.

Consultation Dates: 30th August 2012 - 18th October 2012

East Preston - Application form and map.pdf [pdf] 216KB

Reg. 7 - Publicising a designation of a neighbourhood area etc.


Decision Published on 10th December 2012

East Preston - Designation decision notice.pdf [pdf] 454KB

Reg. 14 - Pre-submission consultation and publicity


Consultation Dates: 17th April 2014 - 29th May 2014

East Preston Pre-submission consultation.pdf [pdf] 2MB

East Preston Parish Council Website

Reg. 15 - Plan proposals (submission)


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town/Parish Council has submitted to Arun District Council Local Planning Authority Area (LPAA) and the South Downs National Park Planning Authority (if applicable), their Plan Proposal under Part 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012:

During the consultation period the applications can be viewed at: Bognor Regis Town Hall, Arun Civic Centre and local Library.

Reg. 16 - Publicising a plan proposal

Consultation Dates: 2nd July 2014 - 13th August 2014

Comments on the documents can be made by email to ndpconsultation@arun.gov.uk, online on the Objective Portal or by post to Planning Policy & Conservation, Arun Civic Centre at the address below. 

Please note that any representations may include a request to be notified of the local planning authority’s decision under regulation 19 in relation to the neighbourhood development plan.

East Preston Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Version (June 2014).pdf [pdf] 2MB

East Preston Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation Statement (June 2014).pdf [pdf] 1MB

East Preston Neighbourhood Plan - Conditions Statement (June 2014).pdf [pdf] 221KB

Supporting Documentation

Proposal Maps - Policies 2 - 5.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Proposals Map - Policies 6,7,9,10.pdf [pdf] 1MB

01 EPNP INDEX 26jun14.pdf [pdf] 106KB

05 Annex A Consultees details for EPNP Consultation Summary 25jun14.pdf [pdf] 131KB

06 EPNP Annex B1 schedule of stakeholder responses to preSub consultation 25jun14.pdf [pdf] 809KB

07 EPNP 'Schedule of responses from the general public to draft plan consultation and how they were addressed Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 371KB

07 EPNP Annex B2 schedule of general public responses to preSub consultation 25jun14.pdf [pdf] 1MB

08 CLP Approved 01oct12.pdf [pdf] 747KB

09 East Preston Village Design Statement 17th Jan 2008.pdf [pdf] 3MB

10 Festival Week photos.pdf [pdf] 650KB

11 EPNP festival leaflet 2 columns landscape Annex C4.pdf [pdf] 270KB

12 EPNP - list of public emails MAIL CHIMP.pdf [pdf] 1MB

13 Open day Week photos annex c6.pdf [pdf] 395KB

14 open day poster annex c7.pdf [pdf] 6MB

15 Open day Week photos post its annex c8.pdf [pdf] 393KB

16 Copy of Spreadsheet copy of all comments submitted on Open Day ANNEX C9.pdf [pdf] 425KB

17 EPNP QUESTIONNAIRE final AirS annex c10.pdf [pdf] 516KB

18 NP - EPPC website articles annex c11.pdf [pdf] 5MB

19 East Preston NP Survey Report - October 2013 - Final 4.11.13 annex c12.pdf [pdf] 1MB

20 Final State of the Parish Report East Preston CF.pdf [pdf] 6MB

21 SEA Final Screening letter 09apr14.pdf [pdf] 19KB

22 EPNP Stakeholder meeting pack Annex C15.pdf [pdf] 3MB

23 East Preston Workshop facilitator's notes Annex c16_1.pdf [pdf] 230KB

23 East Preston Workshop facilitator's notes Annex c16_2.pdf [pdf] 210KB

23 East Preston Workshop facilitator's notes Annex c16_3.pdf [pdf] 244KB

23 East Preston Workshop facilitator's notes Annex c16_4.pdf [pdf] 237KB

24 East Preston Neighbourhood Plan Final 16.04.14.pdf [pdf] 2MB

25 EPNP Littlehampton Gazzette 24apr14 annex c18.pdf [pdf] 335KB

26 EPNP cover letter annex C19.pdf [pdf] 650KB

26 EPNP v3 publ consult Drop-In poster SV.pdf [pdf] 267KB

27 Annex C20 Schedule of Meetings.pdf [pdf] 259KB

28 East Preston Newsletter No 23 Spring 2012.pdf [pdf] 902KB

28 East Preston Newsletter No 25 Autumn 2012.pdf [pdf] 799KB

28 East Preston Newsletter No 26 Winter 2013.pdf [pdf] 858KB

28 East Preston Newsletter No 27 Spring 2013.pdf [pdf] 719KB

28 East Preston Newsletter No 29 Autumn 2013.pdf [pdf] 835KB

28 East Preston Newsletter No 30 Winter 2014.pdf [pdf] 3MB

28 NP - East Preston Festival brochure - 2013-05.pdf [pdf] 904KB

28 NP - EPPC website articles.pdf [pdf] 5MB

29 EPNP_Housing_site_assessment_ANNEX C22 25jun14.pdf [pdf] 391KB

East Preston Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan.pdf [pdf] 2MB

EP Village Design Statement Questionnaire response Summary tables.pdf [pdf] 230KB

EP Village Design Statement Road Survey REPORT of Data Analysis March 2006.pdf [pdf] 348KB

EPNP various posters.pdf [pdf] 5MB

NP - All About East Preston - 2014-05.pdf [pdf] 2MB

NP - All About East Preston - 2014-06.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Stakeholder letter.pdf [pdf] 128KB

Reg. 17 - Submission of a plan proposal to examination

The submission documents and the representations received were sent to the Examiner and the Parish Council.

East Preston - Reg 16 - ADC comments.pdf [pdf] 124KB

East Preston - Reg 16 - Summary of Representations.pdf [pdf] 110KB

Reg. 18 -  Publication of the examiner’s report and plan proposal decisions


East Preston - Reg 18 - Examiner Report.pdf [pdf] 354KB

Reg.  19 -  Decision on a plan proposal

East Preston - Reg 19 - Decision Statement.pdf [pdf] 145KB

East Preston - Reg 19 - Post Examination Comments.pdf [pdf] 1MB

East Preston - Reg 19 - Proposals Map Policies 2-5.pdf [pdf] 2MB

East Preston - Reg 19 - Proposals Map Policies 6 7 9.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Reg. 20 - Publicising a Neighbourhood Development Plan (‘made’ plans)

Plan made on 11th March 2015

East Preston Reg. 20.pdf [pdf] 124KB

East Preston Neighbourhood Plan.pdf [pdf] 1MB


Referendum held on 28th January 2015

More information can be found on the  Neighbourhood Plan Referendums  page

East Preston - Declaration of Result.pdf [pdf] 69KB