Electrical Safety Standards

As a landlord you have a duty to ensure the electrics in your rental properties are safe.

The regulations apply in all cases where a private tenant has a right to occupy a property as their only or main residence and pays rent. This includes assured shorthold tenancies and licences to occupy.

Inspections and testing

You must have the electrical installations in your properties inspected and tested by a qualified and competent person.

These inspections should be carried out at least every 5 years.

Faults and remedial work

If the inspection shows that any remedial work or further investigative work is necessary, this must be completed within 28 days.

You must provide written confirmation that the work has been carried out to your tenant and to us within 28 days of completing the work.

This can be sent to publichealth.housing@arun.gov.uk.


You must obtain a report (usually an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR) from the person conducting the inspection and test which explains its outcomes and any investigative or remedial work required.

You must then supply a copy of this report to the tenant within 28 days of the inspection and test, to a new tenant before they occupy the premises, and to any prospective tenant within 28 days of receiving a request for the report.

A copy of the report must be given to the inspector and tester who will undertake the next inspection and test.


We are responsible for ensuring that landlords comply with the new regulations and have strong powers to do so. These include the ability to serve remedial notices and issue fines of up to £30,000.

Further information

The government have provided guidance on the regulations for landlords on gov.uk.

The electrical safety charity Electrical Safety First have useful resources on landlord’s responsibilities.