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Bike Week - 10 to 16 June 2024

 Text: Bike Week 10 to 16 June 2024. Image - part of a black bike handle bar and wheel with a light teal colour in the backgroundThis week Cycling UK is encouraging those who can, to cycle more.

For a short local journey, consider cycling instead of taking the car, or take the family out for a bike ride this week.

Organisations have an important role to play in helping the environment and transport is the largest single source of emission in the UK, so reducing our transport-based emissions is a crucial step in meeting net zero targets.

Whether its commuting or any other business journey, active travel can make a significant contribution to reducing emissions. There are also other benefits to cycling when compared to vehicular travel. Cycling improves both mental and physical health and is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting around and saving money. 

As an employer, Arun District Council offers shower facilities and bicycle storage facilities for staff who wish to travel to work by bike. We also have a salary sacrifice scheme for purchasing a bike. To read more, click here: Why work for Arun? | Arun District Council