Council see positive trend in 2020 Residents Satisfaction Survey

Council see positive trend in 2020 Residents Satisfaction Survey The 2020 Residents Satisfaction Survey, carried out between 14 April and 31 May 2020, has shown promising improvements in many areas for Arun District Council.

Independent researchers, BMG Research Ltd selected 1800 addresses at random, using Royal Mail’s postal address file and of the 1800 surveys issued, 611 were returned (34% response rate, and increase on 32% in 2019).

The full detail of the results will be published in due course, but some key points to highlight are:

  • Overall satisfaction with local area as a place to live – 87% satisfied (44% ‘very satisfied’, 43% ‘fairly satisfied); 6% ‘dissatisfied’. Satisfaction levels are above the LGA benchmark
  • Satisfaction with overall cleanliness of the district– 78% satisfied (19% ‘very satisfied’, 59% ‘fairly satisfied’); 10% ‘dissatisfied’
  • Satisfaction with Council services– 77% satisfied (24% ‘very satisfied’; 53% ‘fairly satisfied’)
  • Value for money – 54% agreed that the Council provides value for money; this compares favourably with LGA benchmark figure of 48% and is an improvement to 2019 figure of 44%

Arun District Council Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Lynn said: “This survey was carried out during an unprecedented pandemic situation, but the opinions gathered were just as important. We asked those completing the survey to share their views about how our services are delivered all year round, not just during this extraordinary period.”

Leader of the Council, Cllr Dr James Walsh said: “It is encouraging that the overview of the survey results indicates an improvement in many areas of the Council’s provision, despite the challenging times we are living through. Of course, it also highlights areas where we have work to do and we intend to use the full analysis to inform our future discussions and plans.”

The full survey will be presented at a future meeting of the Overview Select Committee and following that will be published as a whole document.