Felpham fence erected to tackle dog fouling issue

Still from the ADC dog fouling campaign video

A fence has been put up along the boundary of the Greensward in Felpham to help manage the ongoing issue of dog fouling in this area.

Dog fouling along the green has been a significant ongoing problem and has frequently generated complaints from beach hut users and the public.

Access to the grass remains unrestricted via the gates on the western and eastern end of the green, and dogs are not banned from the area.

Karl Roberts, Director of Place at Arun District Council said: “As the fence is too high for dogs to jump over, it is hoped less fouling will occur as it is suspected that this happens when dogs are being walked off the lead either late in the evening, or early in the morning.

“The issue of dog fouling in this area has been ongoing, making it extremely unpleasant for those who lease the beach huts, and for everyone wishing to enjoy this stretch of green, so we are confident this measure will see results.

“Although the majority of dog owners in Arun are responsible, we would urge everyone to pick up after their pets to keep our beautiful district clean.”

Arun District Council has made an anti-dog fouling video. To view it, please visit: