Remember to ‘Take 5’ if you’re out and about over the Easter holiday

Remember to ‘Take 5’ if you’re out and about over the Easter holiday

Now that outdoor gatherings of either six people or two households are allowed, we are expecting Arun’s numerous beauty spots to be busy over Easter.

To help to keep Arun safe and beautiful, Arun District Council has launched a campaign to encourage people to ‘Take 5’ while out enjoying the fresh air.

If you visit an area which is busy, take 5 minutes to find somewhere nearby with a bit more space so that you can continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

Having a BBQ or picnic? Take 5 minutes to ensure that your BBQ is out to avoid it being a fire hazard and dispose of it properly. If the bins are full, litter from picnics and snacks should be taken home for you to recycle or placed in your household rubbish. 

The bins are emptied regularly but it can be hard to keep up with demand and rubbish left next to the bins looks unsightly and can blow around and cause harm to wildlife.

If you’re walking your dog, please pick up after your pet then place the bag in a dog poo bin. We have seen complaints about dog mess rise again during lockdown and it would be great to work together to tackle this problem.

Although the Stay at Home message has been lifted, people should still be staying local to help avoid the spread of infection of Covid-19. To find the latest guidance visit: .