This Girl Can Week

This Girl Can Week

This Girl Can


This week is This Girl Can Week, the campaign encourages women and girls of all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds to get active. Throughout the week we will be sharing stories from our female Councillors. Today we hear from Cllr Pauline Gregory.

"Lycra and gyms was not really for me, I’d feel like mutton dressed as lamb! Following a free consultation with one of the Arun Wellbeing Advisers, I decided my diet needed to change to enable me to stay fit and keep active. I signed up for the Wave and started attending the Aqua Fit classes. I’ve met lots of like minded people who like me couldn’t face Lycra (except in a swimming pool).

There has been a lull during lockdown, and my diet intentions went out of the window, however classes resumed as soon as they were able for a merry throng of women of all ages. We do have some men in the class, they must be made of stern stuff to cope with 30 odd women weekly!"