Noise complaints

Find out how to report noise issues and what our Environmental Health Officers can do about it.

Reporting noise online

You can report noise to us anytime through our online form.

Report noise

What we'll do with noise complaints

If you submit a complaint using our online form, we’ll write to the person you complained about and tell them a complaint has been made. We will not tell them who complained.

We'll ask them to take steps to control the noise. We'll also write to you to confirm what we have done.

Noise diary

If the noise doesn't improve, you need to keep a noise diary to note down the times you hear noise, and what the noise is. If you don't keep a detailed noise diary, we will not be able to take any further action. We will ask that you send your noise diaries to us for our officers to review.

If we are unable to take any action against the noise complaint, you do have the option to take your own private legal action.

For more information see Noisy neighbours.

Urgent noise happening at night

If you want to urgently report about noise happening after 5:15pm, call our out of hours service:

Phone: 01903 737500

What we'll do about urgent noise happening at night

If you call our out of hours service, we will discuss your complaint with you and decide how serious the noise is. We will take down your details and if appropriate arrange for one of our teams to visit.

If we visit and find the noise is an issue, we will take action to ensure the volume is reduced or the noise stopped.

We’re not able to visit every noise complaint and your report may be followed up during the day.

We’re more likely to attend if the noise is:

  • in a residential neighbourhood
  • causing a lot of disturbance (and we receive a lot of complaints)