Parish Polls

A poll may be demanded before the end of a parish meeting on any question arising at the meeting. The request for a poll can come from the chairman of the meeting or by 10 (or one third) of the residents of the parish attending the meeting who are eligible to vote at an election.

The outcome of the poll is an expression of the views of the electorate of the parish who have voted in the poll. It is not binding.

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Notice of parish poll

There are currently no parish polls taking place.

Previous parish poll results

Bognor Regis Parish Poll 13 April 2016 Result [pdf] 19KB  

Findon Parish Poll 11 July 2013 Results [pdf] 74KB

East Preston Parish Poll 25 August 2010 Results [pdf] 42KB

Bognor Regis Parish Poll 4 June 2008 Results [pdf] 40KB