Planning conditions and obligations check

We strongly advise you to check if planning obligations and conditions have been complied with on any new dwelling/development. Our planning department actively monitors condition and obligation compliance and informs our Local Land Charges team where a note needs to be recorded, however not all outstanding issues will necessarily have been identified.

Therefore, it is suggested you email planning to check if any or all Section 106 obligations have been discharged. A search of the Local Land Charges Register may reveal clear commentary that a section 106 agreement has been fully complied with, however, it is also recommended that a full official Local Authority Search is completed to pick up any other warnings revealed on the CON29 response. Further information can be found on our Land Charges information page.

You can check yourself if planning conditions have been discharged (on applications determined after 2010) by using our planning application search. To do this you can: 

  • enter the planning application reference
  • click on ‘Other Applications on site’ to check for ‘Planning Approval of Conds’ type applications (They are suffixed with DOC (For Discharge of Conditions).

Alternatively, you may request we do the condition check for you but there is a charge for this. Please email planning for more information.