Shingle and seaweed

How we deal with shingle and seaweed on our beaches and promenades. 


At certain times of the year and in certain weather conditions, shingle, stones and sand will be washed up onto our promenades blocking the footpath. 

Our aim will be to clear enough shingle to keep a useable footpath during these times. We will not remove all the shingle if the weather is still bad or very high tides predicted. 

Once the weather has cleared and winter high tides have passed, full clearance of shingle will take place. This can take up to two weeks  to finish . 


Seaweed washing up onto the beach is a natural and common event.  

Seaweed plays an important part in the ecology of the coast, so we do not like to remove it ourselves. The seaweed is usually washed away by the tide in a couple of days. 

At low tide and in warm weather the seaweed may smell. This is normal and not a reason for the seaweed to be removed.