Skills, training and education

To achieve and maintain our economic and business growth ambitions we must have a skilled local workforce. We want to ensure that our local community have the right skills to access the new jobs that are being created and can support our existing businesses as they grow and expand. The district has a comprehensive range of training providers, offering courses at all levels, and including the University of Chichester Campus in Bognor Regis. The recent proposal by the University to establish an Institute of Sustainable Enterprise on their Bognor Regis Campus will further enhance the local training offer.  

University of Chichester

Significant improvements and new developments have been completed on the University's Bognor Regis campus and many more are planned. The new Business Centre and Learning and Resource Centre were made possible after the University secured funding of £8 million. As well as this the University has also secured funding to operate an innovative programme placing graduates in local companies around the town with enterprise and entrepreneurial development at the heart. The creation of the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise is further stage of the development programme on the campus. Brighton Portsmouth Surrey and  Sussex universities are all close by. 

Employment and skills plans

The council is introducing a supplementary planning document to facilitate the negotiated creation and implementation of Employment and Skills Plans for major developments which will help ensure local people have the best opportunity to access the new jobs being created. Regeneration can bring money and opportunity to an area but it is often companies and services that are not local to the area which benefit.