Report a change

If you have an online account you can sign into Citizen Access to change your:

  • bank details for Direct Debit
  • payment method
  • payment date
  • contact address, email address and telephone details
  • preference for paperless billing
  • discounts or exemptions
  • address if you’re moving home

Sign into Citizen Access

If you do not have an online account you can register for an account by selecting the below button and then selecting If you do not have an account you can register here.
Follow any onscreen instructions to complete the registration.

Register an account

You can tell us about the following change without an account on Citizen Access:

  • moving home

Select the below button and then select View change of addresses services. You’ll need to then choose the link which suits your circumstances.

Go to Citizen Access

Additional property

If you have bought or sold an additional property, which is not your main home please tell us by using our additional property online form.