UKSPF guidance for bidders

This guidance is for local partners wishing to bid to deliver Arun’s UKSPF Investment Plan. It accompanies the bidding template [docx] 85KB (which must be completed for all proposed projects) and the summary of our investment plan which tells you how much funding is available and for what projects over what timescale.

Who is eligible to bid?

All  public sector (including educational institutions) and third sector organisations are eligible including Community Interest Companies and Companies Limited by Guarantee, as well as charities and voluntary organisations, subject to due diligence and fraud risk assessment. Partnerships and consortia are also welcome to bid.

What is the process for bidding?

Arun’s UKSPF is being awarded through a process of open competition. Following submission of applications, internal assessment using the criteria below will be carried out and recommendations made to the awarding panel by the lead officer responsible. The awarding panel members will not be eligible to bid.  

Following the awarding panel decisions, successful bidders will be invited to proceed to contract.

The Local Partnership Group will oversee the process, but to avoid conflicts of interest, will not be involved in the assessment of individual bids.

What are the criteria for assessment of bids?

  1. Fit with the selected intervention in the investment plan, including selection  and specification of outputs and outcomes (Essential: gateway criterion)
  2. Viability/deliverability within timescales (Essential: gateway criterion)
  3. Strategic fit with Arun’s key strategies and plans (see Annex A) (35%)
  4. Vision, scale and impact; fewer larger bids are preferred (25%)
  5. Experience of delivery organisation/partnership (15%)
  6. Appropriate monitoring methodology (15%)
  7. Added value 10%

Key dates


Publication of guidance and bidding documents

Wednesday 30th November 2022

Deadline for receipt of bids

Friday 30th December 2022

Awarding panel meets

w/c 9th January 2023

Successful bidders notified

Monday 16th January 2023

Contracts awarded and delivery begins

January 2023


Funding available for each intervention is contained in the Investment Plan Summary document which accompanies this guidance. Both capital and revenue funding is permissible and the split between capital and revenue under each intervention should be noted. Capital and revenue allocations are set out at the back of the Investment Plan Summary document.

The minimum bid that will be accepted is for £10,000 and, in general, fewer, larger bids are encouraged to maximise the impact of activities and to minimise monitoring.

Funding for the People and Skills investment priority will not be available until 2024/5

UKSPF may not be used for:

  • Paid for lobbying or entertaining
  • Party political or religious activities
  • Gifts, fines or penalties
  • Local authority statutory responsibilities
  • Contingent liabilities, bad debts, unfair dismissal or other compensation

Private pension schemes

Compliance with the law

Bidders should satisfy themselves that their bids are compliant with UK subsidy control requirements. See: UK Subsidy Control Act 2022 Guidance  

Arun District Council is required to ensure that the proposed investment is compliant with Public Contracts Regulations 2015.


Funding will normally be paid quarterly in arrears on submission of a satisfactory claim supported by financial and other evidence and achievement of agreed, milestones, outputs and outcomes. Further guidance on claims will be published in due course.  Underspend may not be carried over between years under the terms of UKSPF so claims must be submitted in year to an agreed timetable. 

How to submit a bid

Use of the Bidding Template, available on our website, is mandatory. You are welcome to bid for more than one project but you must use one form for each project. The Bidding Template should be used in conjunction with the Bidding Guidance and Arun’s UKSPF Investment Plan Summary as well as other relevant documents and strategies to support your bid. Links to these are provided in the Bidding Guidance.

Bids should be submitted electronically to by 5pm Friday 30 December 2022.