Water Quality

Find out about the water quality in our area.

Bathing water

The Environment Agency test popular bathing waters along our coastline to ensure the water is clean and safe.

Weekly tests are conducted along six key bathing waters along the Arun coastline from May to September. You can see the latest and historical results for each sample site:

Pollution risks

After heavy rainfall there can be a short term risk to the bathing water quality around some of our beaches. This is due to water being released from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). 

Southern Water have created a real-time interactive map called Beachbuoy which allows you to track these CSO releases. 

During times of predicted heavy rain we will display an 'advise against bathing' notice at the following beaches, when a pollution risk warning is issued by the Environment Agency:

  • Bognor Regis (Aldwick)
  • Bognor Regis (East)
  • Felpham
  • Littlehampton (Coastguards)

It is the Environment Agency that regulates water pollution and discharges by the water companies.

Bathing water quality at Bognor Regis (Aldwick)

The bathing water quality at Bognor Regis (Aldwick) is currently rated as poor. The Environment Agency have provided more information on the rating and what it means for the bathing water.

Drinking water

The drinking water in our district is usually drawn from the mains pipe. Mains water is the responsibility of the water companies in our area.

Usually, water in the eastern half of Arun is supplied by Southern Water.

Water in the western half of the district is supplied by Portsmouth Water.

Drinking water supplied by these companies has to meet strict national standards of quality and safety.

Any questions or concerns about your mains water supply should be sent to your water company, and not to us.

Some properties have a private water supply, which is not provided by the mains. We have to ensure that this water is safe to drink. Find out more about private water supplies.