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This page contains the adopted Arun Local Plan and its accompanying daughter documents as set out within the Local Development Scheme.  The image sets out the relationship between the documents (select to enlarge).  The daughter documents have their own pages.  Progress on their production can be found by viewing the individual pages.

Top row of flowchart: Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 (ALP); Second row of flowchart: Daughter DPDs; Third row of flowchart: Non-Strategic Site Allocations, Gypsy Traveller and Travelling Showpeople, Neighbourhood Plans; These all lead to two new rows: Supplementary Documents - Design - LEGA - Public Open Space - Parking Standards; and Other Arun Guidance - Changing Places Toilets - Accommodation for older people and people with disabilities

Adopted Arun Local Plan 2018

The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 was adopted (the Adoption Statement is provide further below) by resolution of Full Council on 18 July 2018 with Main Modifications in accordance with:-

  • Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended)
  • The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended) Regulations 17, 26 & 35
  • Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 Regulation 16

The Arun Local Plan 2018  comprises of a written statement and supporting Polices Maps 1-4. The plan sets out a spatial vision, objectives and a sustainable strategy for delivering the needed growth of the District over the period 2011- 2031. The Arun Local Plan 2018 will be used to guide decisions on planning, development and regeneration activity over this period including many other decisions shaping corporate investment plans and strategies, as well as those from external providers, delivering services and infrastructure to the local community. This Arun Local Plan (2011-2031) replaces the Arun Local Plan 2003 and the saved policies within it. The Arun Local Plan 2003 also covers the area of Arun District which falls within the South Downs National Park (SDNP) which is the planning authority and so the 2003 Arun Local Plan remains part of the Development Plan for that area until the SDNP adopt a new Local Plan.

Please note: Since the Local Plan Adoption date, a  minor error was identified in Policy H SP1 ‘The Housing Requirement’  for the Dwellings per annum for the 5 year period 2016/17-2020/21. This states 930 but should be 1,120. Picture 12.1 (page 118) is therefore, incorrect for that 5-year stepped interval. This amendment has been made as a factual change which does not materially affect the polices in accordance with section 23 (2) (b) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and under delegated authority in accordance with the Council’s resolution in adopting the plan.

The Arun Local Plan 2018 can be accessed here:-  Adopted Local Plan [pdf] 12MB

The Polices Maps 1 – 4 can be accessed here:-

For ease of printing the Arun Local Plan 2018 can be viewed and downloaded in separate chapters.
Table of Contents [pdf] 710KB
Preface [pdf] 25KB
1. Foreword [pdf] 121KB
2. Overview [pdf] 194KB
3. Spatial Portrait [pdf] 348KB
4. Vision and Objectives [pdf] 501KB
5. Key Diagram [pdf] 338KB
6. Sustainable Development [pdf] 178KB
7. Settlement Structure and Green Infrastructure [pdf] 600KB
8. Employment and Enterprise [pdf] 14MB
9. Retail [pdf] 277KB
10. Tourism [pdf] 200KB
11. Soils, horticulture and equine developments [pdf] 491KB
12. Housing Delivery [pdf] 2MB
13. Design [pdf] 681KB
14. Health, Recreation & Leisure [pdf] 313KB
15. Transport [pdf] 605KB
16. Building Conservation and Archaelogical Heritage [pdf] 691KB
17. Natural Environment [pdf] 560KB
N.B: The processes for designating sites for nature importance are being carried out on a continual basis outside of the planning system.  As a result, though Development Plan Documents reflect the latest situation at the point they are produced, to check information for a specific site it is best to check requirements using a Data Request Service with the Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre (SxBRC).
18. Water [pdf] 394KB
19. Natural Resources and Mineral Safeguarding [pdf] 126KB
20. Waste management [pdf] 131KB
21. Quality of the Environment [pdf] 406KB
22. Infrastructure Provision and Implementation [pdf] 346KB
23. Monitoring [pdf] 533KB
Glossary [pdf] 487KB

The Adopted Arun Local Plan 2018 is accompanied by the Adoption Statement, Environmental Report and Post Adoption Statement and Inspector’s Report below:-

The Environmental Report (Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental  Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment) can be accessed from the Environmental Assessment page.

South Downs Local Plan 2014-2033

The planning remit between Arun District and the South Downs Authority is defined by the boundary of the national park.  As such located within the South Downs National Park, is also under the planning remit of the South Downs Planning Authority.  The South Downs Authority adopted the South Downs Local Plan on 2 July which can be viewed online.