Building Regulation update: Transitional period for new standards ends 14 June 2023

The period in which previously approved building work (Building Regulation applications submitted before 15 June 2022 and which have not yet been commenced) can be built under the old standards (pre-2021 standards of Parts F and L - ventilation and thermal insulation) ends on 14 June 2023.

As a rule, we will accept excavating and concreting foundations as a commencement of the project providing these elements of work are completed by 14 June 2023. The overall development work can then continue based on the previously approved plans.

Any work commenced from 15 June 2023 onward must comply with the latest standards (previously approved plans will need to be updated or revised to the current higher standards).

Any applications submitted from 15 June 2022 onward will have already been designed and approved to the higher standards.

This transitional date may have a greater impact on large housing developments (each plot must be commenced), but it may also affect small domestic schemes.

We are expecting an increase in workload (site inspections) running up to this date. There may also be materials shortages and delays - for example concrete deliveries for foundations, reinforcement for piling and raft foundations, cement and aggregate.

Please note that foundations should be concreted shortly after they are excavated, otherwise there can be detrimental effects. This may need to be discussed with Building Control.