Building Control


Following the Prime Minister’s speech to the nation on Monday 23 March regarding Coronavirus, Building Control will now no longer be providing Site Inspection of building works. This is not a permanent arrangement, but will certainly continue for the next three weeks.

If you continue to carry out works, you or you builder must still notifying Building Control (electronically) at certain stages of work. This is a statutory requirement. Consequently,  you must still contact us in line with the original Inspection Service Plan that was issued to you at the start of your project.  

We will be looking for your co-operation to do the following:

  • Notify Building Control for inspection in the normal manner (please email or call 01903 737500).
  • At the same time please forward photographs and/or video clips of the work you wish to be inspected to remembering to quote the site address, your Building Control reference and also your telephone number.

Your submitted photographs etc. will then reviewed by one of the surveyors. Next, the surveyor will then contact you to advise if that element of building work is considered satisfactory.

Obviously these are unusual times and whilst we always welcome having the opportunity to provide advice on site, you can continue to contact Building Control for guidance, information or assistance by phone or email (see above details).

Please note, that these interim inspection arrangements will not affect how we administer new Building Regulation applications. As normal new applications should be submitted online by following this link:

Finally, if you require any further information or assurance regarding your Building Control project, please call me on 01903 737596 or email at

Jim Henn

Building Control Manager