Council vision and performance

We adopted our new Council Vision for the period 2022 – 2026 at a meeting of the full council in March 2022, this followed public consultation which took place during November and December 2021. The vision was reviewed following local elections and a change in administration in 2023 and the updated version agreed at full council in January 2024.

The role of the district council is to make Arun a better place to live, work and visit as well as delivering public services. The Vision sets out how we plan to achieve this.

It is divided into four key themes, each of which is underpinned by several aims and statements. The areas we will focus on are:

  • improving the wellbeing of Arun
  • delivering the right homes in the right places
  • supporting our environment to support us
  • fulfilling Arun’s economic potential

The document not only sets out our goals but will also guide our decision-making up to 2026 and in many cases beyond. Working together, we will build on the good things that we already do and make improvements where things could be better. We not only want Arun to be a great place to live and work, but we also want to create new opportunities and encourage residents and visitors alike to make the most of our natural environment. 

You can view the Council Vision 2022 - 2026 here: 

Council Vision 2022 to 2026[pdf] 7MB
Council Vision 2022 to 2026 [HTML]

Corporate Plan and Performance Measures 2022 – 2026

We have a number of objectives which we use to measure our performance against the Council Vision. The Vision objectives will be reported to the councillors at the end of the year and the outcomes will then be available on our website. The objectives are here and relate to each of our Vision themes:

Council Vision - objectives 2022 - 2026

In addition to this, we have a number of service performance indicators (KPIs - key performance indicators) which are measured during the year, either quarterly, six-monthly or annually and these will be posted on the website during the year after they have been reviewed at the Policy and Finance Committee.

These performance measures were agreed by the Policy and Finance Committee on 31 March 2022 and by Full Council on 11 May 2022.

Key Performance Indicators Q1 2022-2023 [pdf] 200KB

Key Performance Indicators Q2 2022-2023 [pdf] 303KB

Key Performance Indicators Q3 2022-2023[pdf] 250KB

Our Corporate Plan and Service Delivery Plan indicators 2018-2022

On 12 February 2018, Cabinet approved the 11 Corporate Plan and 23 Service Delivery Plan (SDP) indicators which will be effective for the four year period from 1 April 2018 until 31 March 2022. These were formally adopted by Full Council on 7 March 2018.

Corporate Plan indicators for 2021 to 2022

Corporate Plan indicators for 2021 to 2022
New CP number CP performance indicator Council priority theme Measure interval Assess by Target figure 2021/22
CP1 The level of public satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of the council's services Your Council Services Annually Higher is better 75%
CP2 Food businesses with food hygiene ratings of 3 (satisfactory) and above Your Council Services Annually Higher is better 93%
CP3 Council Tax collected Your Council Services 6-monthly Higher is better 98%
CP4 The level of customer satisfaction with the cleanliness of the District Your Council Services Annually Higher is better 70%
CP5 Number of visits to Council Leisure Centres per annum Your Council Services Annually Higher is better 860,300
CP6 Time taken to process Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit new claims (days) Supporting you 6-monthly Lower is better 8
CP7 Homelessness applications where homelessness is prevented Supporting you 6-monthly Higher is better 70%
CP8 Number of new Council homes built or purchased per annum Supporting you 6-monthly Higher is better 35
CP9 Number of new homes completed (net) Your future Annually Higher is better 930
CP10 Total rateable business value for the Arun District Your future 6-monthly Higher is better £99,000,000
CP11 Household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting Your future 6-monthly Higher is better 50%


SDP indicators for 2021 to 2022

SDP indicators for 2021 to 2022
SDP number SDP performance indicator Measure interval Assess by Target figure 2021
SDP1 Major applications determined in 13 weeks Quarterly Higher is better 80%
SDP2 Minor applications determined in 8 weeks Quarterly Higher is better 90%
SDP3 Other applications determined in 8 weeks Quarterly Higher is better 90%
SDP4 Occupied retail units in Littlehampton 6 Monthly Higher is better 90%
SDP5 Occupied retail units in Bognor Regis 6 Monthly Higher is better 90%
SDP6 Vacant private sector dwellings returned to occupation Annually Higher is better 25
SDP7 The total income received from general fund assets Annually Higher is better £1,000,000
SDP8 The inspection of all Arun District Council coastal defence assets twice a year Annually 2 is better 2
SDP9 Licence applications determined within the various statutory or service time limits Quarterly Higher is better 90%
SDP10 Number of stage 2 corporate complaints found to be justified or partially justified Quarterly Lower is better 10
SDP11 Residual household waste per household Annually Lower is better 450kg
SDP12 Number of missed refuse and recycling collections per 100,000 within contractual target 6 Monthly Lower is better 80
SDP13 Contractor achieving performance target for all green space management operations following monitoring Annually Higher is better >61%
SDP14 Achieve Green Flag awards for Council Parks, 4 by 18/19 5 by 19/20 and maintain at 5 thereafter Annually Higher is better 5
SDP15 Increase grass regimes managed specifically for biodiversity purposes Annually Higher is better 157,700
SDP16 Business rates collected Quarterly Higher is better 99%
SDP17 Housing Benefit overpayments recovered Quarterly Higher is better 110%
SDP18 Cost of emergency accommodation per annum (net) 6 Monthly Lower is better £533,000
SDP19 Rent collected on Council housing 6 Monthly Higher is better 94%
SDP20 Number of Council housing fraud cases prevented or properties recovered Annually Higher is better 10
SDP21 Average time from property vacated to property re let (days) Annually Lower is better 24
SDP22 Number of Council properties with a valid gas safety certificate 6 Monthly Higher is better 100%
SDP23 Wellbeing clients reporting that one or more of their lifestyle goals has been achieved (3 months after the conclusion of an intervention) Annually Higher is better 80%


The Corporate Plan indicators sit under the following priority themes:

  • your future: strengthening our economy through regeneration and better infrastructure
  • your council services: serving our communities well by delivering the best services we can afford
  • if you and your family need help: supporting those people in our district who need our help

These indicators will be reported to our Corporate Management Team (CMT) every quarter and to our Corporate Policy and Performance Committee every 6 months and year end, throughout the life of the Plan.

The reports, which are submitted to the Corporate Policy and Performance Committee, are published on the Corporate Policy and Performance Committee page.

If you have any difficulty locating the report you require please e-mail