Our management teams

Corporate Management Team

Our Corporate Management Team (CMT) is made up of two directors, Philippa Dart and Karl Roberts, who are also Interim Chief Executives.  The Group Head of Finance and Section 151 officer Antony Baden and Group Head of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer Daniel Bainbridge also attend these meetings

You can see the CMT structure outlined above here: CMT structure chart [pdf] 180KB


Overseen by interim chief executives

The interim chief executives are responsible for our Organisational Excellence Directorate:

Organisational Excellence: Performance Management, Organisational Development, Organisational Intelligence, Human Resources, Communications, Marketing, Customer Insight, Technology and Digital, and Print and Postal services

Finance: Finance services, Revenues and Benefits, Customer Services

Law and Governance: Standards, Monitoring Officer role, Legal Services, Committee Services, Information Management and Data Protection Officer, Elections

Email  chief.executive@arun.gov.uk (this mailbox is monitored and emails are allocated and actioned accordingly)
Phone 01903 737600



philippa dart

Philippa Dart – Interim Chief Executive and Director of Environment and Communities

Philippa is responsible for:

Wellbeing and Communities:  Wellbeing, Community Safety, Lifeline, Safeguarding, Community Liaison, Parish and Town Council Liaison and Events

Housing:  Housing Options, Housing Revenue Account, Registered providers and social landlords, Homelessness, Neighbourhood Services, Business Improvement, Repairs and Maintenance and Assets and Development.

Environment and Climate Change: Carbon  Reduction, Climate Adaptation, Habitat Creation, Coastal Engineers, Flood Prevention, Foreshores, Parks & Cemeteries, Trees, Landscapes & Project Delivery, Emergency Planning and Cleansing.

Philippa joined Arun in 1998 having previously worked in the private sector. Her roles with us include Head of Greenspace, Engineering and Emergency Planning and Assistant Director of Environmental Services.

Email  philippa.dart@arun.gov.uk
Phone 01903 737811



karl roberts

Karl Roberts – Interim Chief Executive and Director of Growth

Karl is responsible for:

Planning: Development Control; Local Plan and Policy, Strategic Development Team and Technical Administration Support

Technical Services: Property, Estates & Facilities, Local Land Charges (including Street Name & Numbering), Building Control, Environmental Health, Private Sector Housing, Licensing, Parking Services

Business and Economy: Overall business support, Partnerships, High Streets, Business Relations, Business Intelligence, Tourism Sector Support

Karl has worked with us since 2009, having previously worked in Cornwall. Before becoming Director of Place, Karl was Assistant Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration.

Email  karl.roberts@arun.gov.uk
Phone 01903 737760


Senior Management Team

Nine group heads comprise the Senior Management Team (SMT) alongside the Interim Chief Executives, Karl Roberts and Philippa Dart. You can view the SMT structure chart outlined below, here: SMT structure chart [pdf] 232KB

Philippa Dart, Interim Chief Executive and Director of Environment and Communities, and Karl Roberts, Interim Chief Executive and Director of Growth are at the top of the structure chart.

Making up the Environment and Communities Directorate are the group head of wellbeing and communities (position vacant), Moh Hussein, Interim Head of Housing, and Joe Russell-Wells, Group Head of Environment and Climate Change.

Making up the Growth Directorate are Neil Crowther, Group Head of Planning, Nat Slade, Group Head of Technical Services and Denise Vine, Group Head of Business and Economy.

Making up the Organisational Excellence Directorate are Antony Baden, Group Head of Finance, Jackie Folllis, Group Head of Organisational Excellence and Daniel Bainbridge, Group Head of Law and Governance.

Our group heads:

Jackie Follis

Jackie Follis
Group Head of Organisational Excellence

Phone 01903 737580

Email jackie.follis@arun.gov.uk


Daniel Bainbridge Daniel Bainbridge

Group Head of Law and Governance

Phone 01903 737607

Email daniel.bainbridge@arun.gov.uk


Tony Baden Antony Baden

Group Head of Finance and Section 151 Officer

Phone 01903 737558

Email antony.baden@arun.gov.uk




Neil Crowther

Neil Crowther
Group Head of Planning

Phone 01903 737839

Email neil.crowther@arun.gov.uk


Nat Slade

Nat Slade
Group Head of Technical Services

Phone 01903 737683

Email nat.slade@arun.gov.uk


Denise Vine

Denise Vine
Group Head of Business and Economy

Phone 01903 737846

Email denise.vine@arun.gov.uk


Vacant position Group Head of Wellbeing and Communities
Position vacant - please email philippa.dart@arun.gov.uk for any queries.

Joe Russell Wells

Joe Russell-Wells
Group Head of Environment and Climate Change

Phone 01903 737914

Email joe.russell-wells@arun.gov.uk


Moh Hussein

Moh Hussein
Interim Group Head of Housing

Phone 01903 737718

Email moh.hussein@arun.gov.uk