Drainage planning consultations

Our Engineering Services department are consulted on all planning applications in the Lidsey treatment catchment area and all applications of more than two units in the remainder of the district, or wherever watercourses are affected.

Applicants are strongly advised to:

  • consider surface water drainage at the earliest stage of the planning process. It is not uncommon for pre-commencement conditions to be requested on planning applications. It is important to ensure that any site can be effectively drained using Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) principles before making an application
  • check the supplementary requirements for surface water drainage proposals before making a submission. Winter groundwater monitoring and infiltration testing are fundamental parts of the design process and both are specified within our standard conditions
  • get in touch with us at land.drainage@arun.gov.uk before going ahead with or funding any monitoring or testing. This is so we can ascertain exactly what the requirement is for your site, as this will vary depending on the size of the development and its location
  • complete and submit a copy of our surface water drainage proposals checklist[pdf] 867KB when looking to discharge conditions or avoid pre-commencement conditions
  • read our guidance for information relating to discharging the implemented condition, specifically with regards to 'as built' drawings and the completion report

Ensuring the above is followed/completed will help to reduce the risk of any delays.