Illegal eviction and harassment

It’s a crime for your landlord to harass you or try to force you out of a property without using proper procedures.

If you have been illegally evicted or are facing harassment from your landlord to try and make you leave your property, we may be able to help.

Keep a record of any incidents surrounding your eviction or any harassment. This evidence can be used to help our investigations.

Illegal eviction

If your landlord wants you to leave, they must follow the proper legal procedures.

The rules they have to follow will depend on the type of tenancy agreement or terms you have. You can find the correct procedure based on your type of tenancy agreement on

Your landlord cannot evict you:

  • without giving proper notice
  • by changing the locks while you are out
  • without a court order in most cases
  • by harassing or intimidating you

If you think you have been illegally evicted from a privately rented property, you can report this to us online.

We can open an investigation if there is enough evidence for your eviction being illegal. We can only take formal action once the eviction has taken place.

We will talk to your landlord and try to help you return to your home. If your landlord does not let you back into the property, you should contact our housing department for help.

Report an illegal eviction


Harassment can be anything a landlord does, or fails to do, making you feel unsafe in the property and intended to make you leave. It is a crime for your landlord to harass you.

Your landlord, or their agent, can be guilty of harassment if they:

  • stop services like electricity or gas
  • turn up at the property without warning
  • let themselves into your home without your permission
  • interfere with your post
  • use threatening or antisocial behaviour to disturb or intimidate you

If you are experiencing harassment from your landlord, you can report this to us online.

Report harassment

Other help and guidance

The government have produced the booklet ‘My landlord wants me out: protection against harassment and illegal eviction’ which is available to read on

The charity Shelter provides free housing advice. You can also contact Citizens Advice for help with housing issues.