Green Infrastructure Maps

The Green Infrastructure Study identifies a network of Green Infrastructure (GI) assets which must be protected, enhanced and, where possible, better connected, through future development. The GI Network Map.pdf [pdf] 5MB identifies the existing network of GI assets which must be taken into consideration alongside Policy SP21 in the Draft Local Plan. 

NOTE: The original parish level maps shown below detailing the GI network were based on the situation in 2012 and are being updated to reflect the currently adopted Arun local Plan 2018.  The parish level maps below, generally, are therefore now out of date.  Any updates produced are clearly marked within the following list.

Green Infrastructure Network Maps by Parish November 2012


The Green Infrastructure Study (June 2012)

The National Planning Policy Framework defines Green Infrastructure as:

'A network of multi-functional green space, urban and rural, which is capable of delivering a wide range of environmental and quality of life benefits for local communities'.

Through stakeholder engagement and fieldwork, Land Use Consultants have prepared a study, on behalf of Arun District Council, which aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the District's existing green infrastructure network, and opportunities to improve and strengthen the network.  By doing so, the study aims to provide the evidence to help shape the future growth in the District and develop a joined up approach to delivering ecological services, recreational benefits, climate change mitigation, adaptation measures and the retention and enhancement of landscape character and distinctiveness across the District.

Arun's Green Infrastructure Study.pdf [pdf] 4MB  presents a Green Infrastructure Framework which will be used as a basis for preparing policies within the Local Plan and will enable:

  • The areas of 'highest' environmental value to be identified (environmental value is to be judged by the multiple functions and benefits provided that contributes to the diversity and distinctiveness of the area).
  • The areas where there is potential to create high value environments that provide multiple functions and benefits in the future to be identified.
  • Local communities and the Local Authority to protect, enhance and create new opportunities for Green Infrastructure in the District.

List of figures at November 2012


Bognor Regis GI Framework Study

The Bognor Regis GI Framework Study "A Landscape and Green Infrastructure Framework Connecting Bognor Regis to the South Downs National Park (January 2020)" [pdf] 52MB was considered by the Planning Policy Sub-Committee on 25 February 2020 which endorsed the report both for the purposes of assisting the assessment of any planning applications currently under consideration and for the purpose of public consultation. A consultation is anticipated in July/Sept 2021. 


Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study

The Open Space, Sport & Recreation Study.pdf [pdf] 9MB (March 2009) was produced by PMP on behalf of Arun District Council. As part of the Study an assessment of open space across the District was carried out in line with Planning Policy Guidance Note 17 (PPG17): Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation. PPG17 identifies nine types of open space parks and gardens; natural and semi natural open space; amenity green space; outdoor sports facilities; provision for children and teenagers; allotments and community gardens; the beach/coastal areas; green corridors; churchyards and cemeteries and civic spaces. All of the groups of open space were assessed in the study. The Study includes recommendations for the setting of standards for the future delivery of open space and recreational facilities in the District.


Playing Pitch Strategy

The Playing Pitch Strategy (January 2009), was produced by Consultants PMP on behalf of the Council, in conjunction with the Open Space, Sport and Recreation study, shown above.

The Strategy provides further detail on the provision of the pitches in the District, including an assessment of demand and specific priorities for future provision. It has developed following the methodology outlined by Sports England in "Towards a Level Playing Field - a manual for the production of playing pitch strategies".

The key objectives of this playing pitch strategy are to:

  • Analyse the current level of pitch provision, including the geographical spread and quality of pitches
  • Assist the Council in meeting the requirements for playing pitches
  • Identify the demand for pitches in Arun
  • Complete the playing pitch methodology
  • Identify how facilities for pitch sports can be improved to meet the needs of residents
  • Provide strategic options and recommendations
  • Provide information to help the decision making process and determine future development proposals including the production of specific local standards regarding pitch provision. These standards are integrated within the local standards developed for the Arun District Council Open Space, Sport and Recreation.


Arun Open Space and Sports Assessment

Prior to the Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study (March 2009) a study of open space and sports facilities was undertaken by Atkins (2006). Volume 2 of the report led to an assessment of Sport and Recreation Facilities. Open Space Assessment Chapter 7.pdf [pdf] 1MB included an assessment of indoor sports facilities. For development management purposes this remains in use; the remaining study has been superseded by the PMP study above. 


Arun Landscape Study 2017

This study focuses on the strategic sites considered for inclusion in the local plan and due to the size of the report was produced in 5 separate parts, which can be viewed using the links below.

Arun_Landscape_Capacity-a.pdf [pdf] 13MB
Arun_Landscape_Capacity-b.pdf [pdf] 11MB
Arun_Landscape_Capacity-c.pdf [pdf] 11MB
Arun_Landscape_Capacity-d.pdf [pdf] 14MB
Arun_Landscape_Capacity-e.pdf [pdf] 2MB


Landscape & Visual Amenity Aspects of Development Choices in Arun District 2006

In March 2006 the Council employed Hankinson Duckett Associates to carry out a Landscape Sensitivity Study covering the part of the District between the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the coastline but excluding the defined built up areas.

The purpose of the study was to prepare an independent assessment of landscape sensitivity in order to provide a further tool to assist strategic decision making and the broad location of future major new greenfield developments in the district.

A second aim was to consider carefully the existing boundaries of the Strategic and Local Gaps and to make recommendations as to whether they can be altered compromising either visual or perceived coalescence between the relevant settlements.

This report does not constitute Arun District Council policy, but will form part of the evidence base used in preparing the emerging Local Development Framework.

It should be noted that there is a requirement by the Environment Agency that the Council undertake a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) of the District. The Environment Agency's Indicative Flood Risk Maps were used as part of the assessment of the degrees of sensitivity of the local character landscape areas, the SFRA could require a reappraisal of sensitivity in those area where flood risk information changes. The studies are available below:


Technical Appendices
Technical Figures Technical Appendices
Figure 1.pdf [pdf] 5MB Appendices Cover & Contents.pdf [pdf] 60KB
Figure 2.pdf [pdf] 6MB Appendix A.pdf [pdf] 65KB
Figure 3.pdf [pdf] 6MB Appendix B.pdf [pdf] 124KB
Figure 4.pdf [pdf] 2MB Appendix C.pdf [pdf] 188KB
Figure 5.pdf [pdf] 4MB Appendix D Key.pdf [pdf] 285KB
Figure 6.pdf [pdf] 3MB Appendix D Zone 1.pdf [pdf] 2MB
Figure 7.pdf [pdf] 2MB Appendix D Zone 2.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Figure 8.pdf [pdf] 6MB Appendix D Zone 3.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Figure 9.pdf [pdf] 13MB Appendix D Zone 4.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Figure 10.pdf [pdf] 16MB Appendix E.pdf [pdf] 786KB
Figure 11.pdf [pdf] 16MB Appendix F.pdf [pdf] 2MB
Figure 12.pdf [pdf] 17MB Appendix G.pdf [pdf] 905KB
Key to Figures 4-7.pdf [pdf] 15KB Appendix H.pdf [pdf] 2MB
  Appendix I.pdf [pdf] 207KB
  Appendix J.pdf [pdf] 532KB
  Appendix K.pdf [pdf] 299KB
  Appendix L.pdf [pdf] 606KB
  Appendix M.pdf [pdf] 253KB
  Appendix N.pdf [pdf] 368KB


The Soils and Agricultural Land Assessment 2013 can be found on our Employment (planning policy) page.