Apply for building regulations approval

Building regulations are compulsory safety standards for design, construction and alterations and apply to most building work, therefore it is important to know when approval is needed.

When building work needs approval

If you’re building something new, making alterations or extending an existing building you’re likely to need building regulation approval.

Approval is separate from planning permission. Even if you do not require planning permission you may still need building regulation approval.

There are many alteration projects that need approval, such as:

  • replacing fuse boxes and connecting electrics
  • installing a bathroom that will involve plumbing
  • changing electrics near a bath or shower
  • replacing windows and doors
  • replacing roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs
  • installing or replacing a heating system
  • adding extra radiators to a heating system
  • putting in a fixed air conditioning system

You can find more help and advice about which projects may or may not need approval by using the Planning Portal interactive tool and list of common projects.

There are also projects that are exempt from building regulations.

If you are still unsure if approval is needed, you can contact our building control team:


Phone 01903 737756