Arun Local Plan report published


house Following a public consultation on the modifications to the Arun Local Plan, the independent planning inspector has now published their report.

The Inspector, Mark Dalkeyne has found the Arun local Plan to be ‘sound’ and has detailed this in his final report which is due to be published later today will can be found on Arun District Council website;

A ‘sound’ Local Plan (with Main Modifications, following examination), is a significant achievement and a milestone for the Council.

The agreed Plan determines that 20,000 homes should be built between 2011and 2031 to provide a range of housing types and needs e.g. including affordable housing and also housing for the elderly. Policies are also included to regenerate and protect town centres and local centres and villages as well as provide employment opportunities while ensuring that the environment and countryside is protected, including from the impact of climate change and flooding.

Both existing and new communities in the district will be developed over the next 15-20 years and will be supported by appropriate infrastructure while taking care to safeguard the environment.

Cllr John Charles, Cabinet member for Planning said “A huge amount of work has gone into creating the Arun Local Plan and I am delighted at the comments from the Inspector. It is indeed an achievement and although there are likely to be challenges along the way, we have a solid Plan to guide us and clear targets to aim for.”