Planning validation requirements map

We have set up this interactive map to help applicants find out if their development falls within an area which means they need to provide additional information with their application.

The map should be used in conjunction with the relevant validation requirements lists.

Using the map

When you open the map it shows the whole of the Arun district.

  • use the search box to find the address 
  • when the map takes you to this address do not click on the pin as this will only confirm the address
  • click slightly away from the pin and it will pull back a box showing any planning application validation requirements for this address
  • use the ‘show more’ link for each requirement to find out what further information is needed with your application

You can also just click into an area of the map and zoom in using the plus and minus icons at the bottom left of the map. Click and drag with your mouse to move around the map.


  • if you are dealing with a large site, you will need to click on several points around the site to ensure you get all of the data 
  • some of the data is held as a point rather than an area and this info is indicated as a green circle and unless you click within the green circle you will not pull back the information

Open the map