Pre-application advice

You can apply for this service if your licence application is for a:

  • new or variation premises licence
  • new or variation club premises certificate

Our service will:

  • help you in completing application forms including the operating schedule
  • give you advice based on our licensing statement and policies
  • advise you on the role of Responsible Authorities and we can help with basic enquiries
  • highlight issues you may need to look at in your application
  • give you advice on how to draw up plans in line with regulations
  • give you advice on advertising your application
  • give you the notices that you must display at your premises (all customers can get these notices)
  • give you advice on how to choose a Designated Premises Supervisor
  • give you basic advice on areas for staff training
  • give you advice on the process and what to expect

Our service will not:

  • include advice from Responsible Authorities (apart from environmental health if you have requested this)
  • be a guarantee that we will grant the licence application
  • remove the statutory consultation period
  • remove the right for people or Responsible Authorities to make representations

We will arrange a sub-licensing committee hearing if we receive representations.

Any officer that gives advice under the pre-application will not be involved in deciding a formal application.


Our fees are based on the size of the business and how complex the application is likely to be.

Small applications

For businesses with a small floor area and where the sale of alcohol is not the core business, for example a shop or restaurant.

This includes:

  • up to 2 hours of officer time
  • a meeting

Does not include a site visit.

Medium applications

For small to medium pubs, restaurants and smaller late-night venues.

This includes:

  • up to 3 hours of officer time
  • a meeting
  • a site visit

Large applications

This would be for large scale events, nightclubs, large pubs and large sites.

This includes:

  • up to 5 hours of officer time
  • a meeting
  • a site visit

You can also request the advice of an environmental health officer for an added fee.

Additional hours

We charge and extra hours at per hour or part hour payable in advance.

Pre-application advice fees by type of application



Small application


Medium application


Large application


Environmental health officer advice

£71.50 (per hour)

Additional officer hours


We will give free advice to anyone who is exempt from the statutory fees.

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