Arun District Council supports biodiversity and the protection of life within its open spaces.  In line with the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, the council published its own plan in 2000.  Through this plan, Arun District Council undertakes:

  • neither to cause nor to contribute to, through action or inaction, the extinction of any native living species in our district
  • nor to make the populations of common species decline so that they become rare
  • nor to unduly restrict variation within species
  • nor to destroy nor cause a net loss of area of any irreplaceable natural habitat.
Arun District Council will also enhance wherever possible:
  • the populations of native species in the district
  • the variation within species
  • the area and quality of natural habitats in the district, particularly those which are internationally important or threatened, characteristic of the local area, have high value to local people, or have diminished over recent decades.
On a wider scale, Arun District Council will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity on the planet by:
  • conserving and enhancing biodiversity in Arun District
  • making sure that our actions have no negative effect, and preferably a positive effect on biodiversity outside the district
  • contributing to sustainable development
  • contributing to the targets of the Biodiversity Action Plan for Sussex 
  • contributing to the targets of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.


Biodiversity Forum

biodiversity forum The ADC Biodiversity Action Plan led to the formation of the Biodiversity Forum, which aims to promote the values of biodiversity, to preserve, enhance and develop the environment, to raise awareness of relevant issues, through education, social activity, research and other appropriate means agreed by the Forum.
The Forum is open to anyone with an interest in biodiversity and conservation within Arun.  The group usually meet three times a year and meetings will often feature talks about various environmental issues.
To find out more about the Biodiversity Forum, contact