Making a Planning Application (and forms)


Due to the number of applications and available staff resources decisions on applications are taking longer than normal. Please accept our apologies for this and thank you for your understanding.

Please note that if you are making an application for a site that lies within The South Downs National Park you will need to make your application directly to them.

Arun District Council supports online applications made using the Planning Portal or in paper format. If sending in paper format , we require 3 copies of everything. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications via email.  You can also use the online applications service to produce a site location plan to accompany your application. If you make a Planning Portal application the fee must be paid to the Planning Portal. Payments for these applications cannot be made directly to the Council as the Portal will only release the electonic applications once they have received the fee. Go to the online submission registration page to set yourself up on the Planning Portal and begin the application process. 

Please view our Online Planning Guide which contains useful information on the planning process.

We recommend that you consult the  National Validation Requirements.pdf[pdf] 193KB.

Arun District Council also has various local validation requirements which depend on the type of application being made. For planning applications, not including: Householder, Listed Building, Advert, Works to Trees, Non Material Amendments, Matters Reserved by Condition, Prior Notification applications or Certificates of Lawfulness, please use our Local Validation List Update wef 111019.pdf [pdf] 532KB and the accompanying LVL Checklist.pdf [pdf] 100KBbefore accessing the Portal, as applications will be treated as invalid if you do not submit all the information indicated in our validation requirements lists. 

To assist householders there is a separate shorter  Householder Validation Requirements List.pdf[pdf] 115KB  which combines the national and local requirements which are specific to householder applications in one document. 

There is also a separate  Listed Building Validation Requirements List.pdf [pdf] 26KB  to assist customers making Listed Building applications. 

Planning applications will also require a completed Biodiversity Checklist.pdf [pdf] 100KB. (Further guidance can be found in the Biodiversity Guidance Notes [pdf] 150KB)

If you experience any problems whilst using the Planning Portal please contact the Portal Helpdesk on 0303 444 8800.

If you do not own the land where the development is proposed, you will need to serve a notice on the landowner informing them that you are making a planning application. There are three different forms that you may need to use for this purpose



To determine the correct fee you can either use the fee calculator or download the document  Planning fees 2019.pdf [pdf] 135KB . If you are still unsure you can contact us on 01903 737756.


Quick links to useful documents

Pagham Harbour zones A and B 0-5km map.pdf [pdf] 13MB indicating where the legal template applies (please note the zones are far wider than the parish of Pagham so please check to see whether units fall within the zones)

If you are unable to make an application online, you can print out the relevant forms from the list below and submit them to us in paper form. There are a number of different application forms depending on your proposal. For help in picking the correct form please call us on 01903 737756.

Householder Forms

Applying to build domestic extensions, loft conversions, new or altered access, garages and outbuildings, garden fences or walls and satellite dishes.

Article 13 Notice for Householder Applications [pdf] 132KB for applications where notice is to be served on land owners.
To check fees or download the fee form:  Planning fees 2019.pdf [pdf] 135KB .
Full Application Forms

Erection of building(s) where you do not wish to make an Outline Planning Application. Erection of an extension to a Commercial Development or Places of Public Assembly i.e. Industrial, office, warehousing, storage, shopping, restaurant, hotel, commercial buildings, rest and nursing homes. Some applications for permanent residential dwellings (including change of use) will attract an affordable housing contribution.

To check fees or download a fee form  Planning fees 2019.pdf [pdf] 135KB

Outline Application Forms

Applications to establish the principal of a proposal. New build only. Not to be used for householder extensions. Some applications for permanent residential dwellings (including change of use) will attract an affordable housing contribution.

Article 13 Notice [pdf] 120KB

To check fees or download a fee form  Planning fees 2019.pdf [pdf] 135KB


Article 13 Notice [pdf] 120KB

Article 13 Notice for Minor Commercial Applications [pdf] 132KB

To check fees or download a fee form  Planning fees 2019.pdf [pdf] 135KB

Prior Notification Forms

Horticulture Local Development Order

Horticultural-Local-Development-Order Pre Development Notification Form.pdf [pdf] 13MB
Horticultural-Local-Development-Order Intention to start form.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Arun-FINAL-Horticultural-Local-Development-Order.pdf [pdf] 6MB (Please read this document for full details on the process, fee and what development can be handled under this process)