Street trading

You may need a street trading consent if you want to sell items on a street or in a public place.

Before making a new application please email with your proposal.

You do not need street trading consent if you are:

  • selling items on foot and always on the move, for example as a pedlar under a licence issued by the police
  • a market trader running as part of a consented market
  • a news vendor selling only newspapers and periodicals

The whole district is designated for street trading except for our parks and greenspaces, prohibited streets and car parks that have not been designated.

The areas of land below are controlled by our Parks and Greenspace and Property and Estates teams. They will consider requests for trading and events at these locations:

  • Parks and greenspaces
  • Place St Maur
  • Jubilee Gardens
  • All promenades within the district (the roads alongside are designated).

Prohibited streets

The following streets are prohibited. No street trading can take place at any time.


  • Maltravers Street
  • Mill Lane
  • Queen Street

Bognor Regis

  • Aldwick Road (West Street to Silverston Ave)
  • Bedford Street
  • Belmont Street
  • Charlwood Street
  • Nyewood Lane
  • Park Road
  • Victoria Drive
  • Canada Grove
  • Chapel Street
  • Clarence Road
  • Crescent Road
  • John Street
  • Lennox Street
  • Lyon Street
  • Lyon Street West
  • Manor Place
  • Market Street
  • Norfolk Street
  • Queensway
  • Richmond Road
  • Sadler Street
  • Spencer Street
  • Station Road
  • Steyne Street
  • Sudley Road
  • Sussex Street
  • West Street
  • The Beach


  • The car park known as The Bluebird car park


  • Beach Road
  • Coastguard Road
  • East Street (between High St and Avon Road)
  • South Terrace
  • Surrey Street
  • Terminus Road (between Terminus Place and Arundel Road)
  • Windmill Road
  • The Beach


  • Cardinals Drive
  • The Causeway
  • Church Way
  • Kings Drive

Designated car parks

The following car parks have been designated as consent streets.


  • Crown Yard short stay
  • Fitzalan Pool short stay

Bognor Regis

  • Regis Centre
  • Fitzleet multi-storey
  • Hothampton Short Stay
  • London Road Long Stay
  • Coach and lorry park, Hotham Way Westbound
  • Lyon Street long stay
  • Hotham Park
  • Gloucester Road
  • Rock Gardens
  • West Park Aldwick
  • Culver Road Felpham
  • Links Avenue Felpham
  • Grassmere Felpham
  • Shrubbs Field Middleton-on-Sea


  • Manor House short stay
  • Surrey Street short stay
  • River Road short stay
  • St Martins short stay
  • Anchor Springs short stay
  • Mewsbrook
  • Sea Road
  • The Wall
  • Banjo Road
  • West Beach


There are certain rules you must follow if you wish to street trade within the district. There are also specifications for pitches and mobile units. It is important you read and understand the street trading and markets policy before purchasing any equipment.

Read the street trading and markets policy

Current street trading opportunities

You must read through the policy before applying. Street trading and markets in designated streets within the Arun district are managed in accordance with this street trading and markets policy.

Please provide:

  • details of the site that the applicant wishes to trade
  • operating days and hours
  • photographs of units, or stalls that comply with the specifications set out in this policy
  • a passport size photograph (annual street trading consent new & renewal only)
  • details of items to be sold etc.

All consent holders are required to notify the licensing team if they do not intend to trade, or do not trade for any reason.

Road closures may be required in some circumstances relating to markets and events to ensure the safety of those attending. It is the responsibility of the consent holder to gain the permission required.

Annual street trading consent: (new) and annual street trading consent: (renew)

The street trading year runs from 1 April until 31 March each year. Consents can only be issued for a maximum of 12 months. This enables a trader to trade up to 7 days a week (within specified times) at a designated pitch with a specified trading unit or stall. This type of consent will not be granted for a period of less than 4 weeks. This consent will be issued for a single pitch only. Additional consents will be required for additional pitches and trading units. If applicants only intend on operating during a specified period of the year, they must specify this at the time of application. A pitch left vacant when it should be in use could result in the consent being revoked.

Apply or renew 

Regular markets consent annual (new) and (renewal)

Market operators holding markets (more than 5 stalls) on a regular basis will be required to apply for a consent. This consent lasts up to 12 months (but expiring 31 March each year). The charging structure makes provision between monthly markets and those held at a greater frequency.

Apply or renew

Occasional markets and events trading consent up to 4 days (5 or more stalls)

This consent may be used where street trading is taking place as part of an event, or is a one-off event of its own, such as a specialist one off market. The consent may be issued for up to 4 consecutive days. Such consents may be used to support events organised by community groups.


Occasional street trading consent up to 30 days

This consent lasts for up to 30 specified days at a specified pitch. This consent will be issued for a single pitch only. Additional consents will be required for more than one stall or mobile unit.


Regular markets consent for 12 occasions

Market operators holding markets (more than 5 stalls) on an occasional basis will be required to apply for a consent. This consent lasts up to 12 months (but expiring 31 March each year). The charging structure makes it possible to trade on an occasional basis within the 12 months or 12 consecutive days.